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Being Good.

image (1)I came across this a few months ago and really made me think.

Ever heard the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them to unto you”..?
Well the real question is, in today’s world,
Does it really pay to be good?
I’ll be honest. It doesn’t.
If you’re looking for any form of a reward, gratitude, etc., or even a simple reciprocation of those gestures, forget it.

Being decent and kind does not really earn anything anymore. People these days are so involved with their own lives that they completely forget about others, manners, even common courtesy etc.

You’ll find someone who’d cut you off in a parking lot just to get a space; knowing well that you were waiting for patiently and signalled that you were going to take it. I even had one guy insult me when I asked him why he did it. After using a few choice words on me he just said, ‘What’s your problem? So what if I did?’

Trust me, common courtesy and decency are gone. People expect you to be respectful and courteous, but don’t expect to have to give it in return.

So back to the question. Is it worth being good, decent, kind, have common courtesy..? No… its not worth it. In return for your goodness, you’ll get nothing but misery, insults and abuse.
But should you do it? Yes… Lets be honest. Just because the rest of the world want to live like rats, doesn’t mean you have to as well. It may not pay, but the golden rule still stands and while you may or may not believe it, there are eyes both here on earth and beyond that are watching and making note.

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