Just a page to highlight the awards that I have received ever since I started this blog. I’m honored to have even been nominated for such.
Non-bloggers may not even know or understand these awards, but to me, this only confirms that there are those who enjoy what I post; even if they’re just rants. 😛

patty-liebsterThanks to CaveGirlMBA for the nomination for this award and awesome description written below.
“Well, we’re intrigued. Living and working in Dubai, discussing business topics, technology and girl problems with the same ease? Cool writing AND nice pictures? And the acceptance speech to the Liebster Award is already written? Wow.
So the only questions left are: Will this guy rule the world in the future? And will his love interest finally understand what a gem of a guy he is?”


dragons-loyalty-awardI would like to thank Don Charisma for this award. Don is a talented and amazing blogger who has received this same award 5 times.
Thank you so much. I’m humbled to have even made your list.





Another one given to me by Don Charisma. Thank you. Its such an Honor.





very-inspiring-blogger-award-3I would like to thank Aly Georges for this nomination. I’m highly honoured to receive such an award.




screen-shot-2016-08-21-at-6-59-58-pmI would like to thank Sarah Warsi for this nomination. I view it an honor to receive such from an impressive and expressive writer.

Thank you Sarah.

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