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My 1st Hackintosh


My brother, Jason, had bought himself a new laptop; which mean’t that his old Core i5 system that he had just recently built was either going to waste to could be sold. Jonathan had the idea of turning it into a Hackintosh and was researching  online to do  so.

Now, I liked my Mac Mini. But being a geek, I like to have the latest and greatest. But seeing that I cannot afford a new Mac at the moment and that my mini was running like smoothly and efficiently as always, I always decided that I will wait to change.
But when Jonathan turned up with the idea that I would only need to get myself a new motherboard that is supported by Mac OS and a HDD and that we could turn this PC into something as equivalent to the specs of a 4 core 2008 Mac Pro, I jumped at the idea.
It’s the upgrade that I needed at the time without breaking the bank.

Here are the specs:
Intel Core i5
Gigabyte H77-DS3H motherboard
4GB Ram (plan to upgrade them to 32GB within the coming months)
2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 610
500GB Western Digital Drive (OK.. not an SSD and not as massive as a TB, but enough for me at the moment. Besides most of my videos and data is on the Server.)
Delco Power supply
Volante Cougar ATX case.

Always liked something with a cat theme or logo… 😛


IMG_0607The case that my brother got is amazing. I need to get a DVD drive to plug up that massive opening in the front, but, its got an external bay to plug in a Sata HDD if you need.



My brother had salvaged this card reader unit from an HP computer. It works well. I decided to keep it and it works well under OS X. So in effect, I have the only Mac Pro with a built in SD card reader. IMG_0611

IMG_0610For this build, the there are a few people whom I have to thank. 1st and foremost, Jonathan; without his research and knowledge, I wouldn’t have known about the potential sitting right under my nose.

2nd, Jason, for getting himself a new laptop. And lastly, all the guys at for making building one of these an easy experience by posting success stories, etc. online.

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