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What can I say about myself that will sound interesting? Well that’s easy enough.. Nothing. In truth, I’m just a normal, average guy with a normal, average life.


My name is Julian Pereira and although my passport says I’m Sri Lankan, I’m nowhere near close when it comes to culture, etc… My family comes from a Portugese background and they never let me forget it. Haha.

To make matters even more confusing, I’ve never actually lived in Sri Lanka long enough. My family moved to the Middle East over 20 years ago and I’ve been living here ever since; Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to be exact.

If you’re ever in Dubai and see someone tall, dark and goofy-looking; yup.. that’s me. Life in Dubai was great, with an emphasis on the ‘was’; as you’ll now see in some of the posts. Like every country, the U.A.E. has its flaws, and despite what you’ve seen in all the commercials, its not as glamorous as all that. The catagory ‘Life in Dubai’ is my way of ranting away on the issues that bug me about this place. I suppose as a kid you’re protected from the harsh realities by your parents. But now that I’m an adult and  I’ve started working, it is far from perfect. Right now I think there isn’t a place on earth that really is. If you can think of such a place, think again. You were probably on vacation. Haha.

My own blog just came about by accident – needed a place to vent out some frustrations, discuss topics with myself.
Anyways, this blog isn’t going to be only ranting. There are other things. I don’t plan on being a writer. Not even sure if I’m good at it or if anyone will be able to understand some of the stuff I post.

I find my blog therapeutic in a way. By seeing my thoughts in front of me, I get to understand how foolish or inspiring they are. Sometimes I use it as a platform to answer my own questions and take a stance on topics I felt confused over.

The blog was initially started a while ago on another secure social site to discuss computer related stuff and tech. I had soon forgotten about it, until a certain personal issue (Girl Trouble) cropped up. I was overwhelmed about the response and the advice I sought to bring it to a wider audience. So I moved the whole thing to a more public location and the rest is history.

This blog is just a way for me to put my thoughts and two cents into whatever is on my mind at the time; for everyone to see, I guess. Whether its good or bad, depends on those viewing it; which I think will probably be few and far in between. I’ve even done a category for personal development called It’s just Me.” I realize that I’m far from perfect and  I need to improve.

More info on me can be seen in my facebook profile here or contact me via email (knightjp@gmail.com)

You can also follow me on instagram & twitter @julxrp….

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  1. Hi! First of all, compliments on your blog. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of/been previously nominated for a Liebster Award, but I would like to nominate your blog. Your posts are entertaining, and I would love to read your responses to my ten questions. Check out my latest post if you have the time/are up for the challenge!
    Thanks in advance,
    CaveGirl MBA

  2. Hey there – – just stopped by to thank you for the dragon award. My first award of any kind. Yay. I am not quite sure I know how to repaste it on my blog but I’m sure I will figure it out. It was interesting to read the answers to those questions and just now I read your blog about picking out the birthday gift for the girl at work and the FB friend thing with the girl who disappeared from your friend’s list. You strike me as a high caliber individual with a lot of integrity. The kind this world needs many more of.

    Looking forward to mutual visits and thanks again,

    • Hey there,
      Firstly, you’re very welcome. These awards may not mean much to those outside the wordpress or blogging community, but its always good to have feedback of any kind.
      To accept the award, all you need to do is make a new post on your blog; following the instructions stated on my post. That’s it.
      Thanks for the kind words. My ethics may make me old fashioned, but at least I know I do the right thing. That’s what counts in my opinion. As to the situation with the girls, I’m open to comments and advice on my articles. When it comes to women, I can say that I’m a bit of a Dumb-ass. 😛

      Thanks again.

  3. Hi Julxrp, nice to meet you. I just wanted to pop over and say thanks for the ‘like’ on my post about Benares. It’s an amazing city.
    We have a friend living in Dubai – perhaps we’ll visit one day.
    Blessings, Alison

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