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When you switch on the television today, or open up your favorite social media platform, all you will see is hate, resentment, bitterness, etc., and everyone apologizing for being born who they are. And while the mainstream media would love for us to eat it all up like the good little puppets & pawns we’re supposed to be, it is quite refreshing to come across something that says the polar opposite.

From the video, you can determine that in essence this 2019 film is a holiday flick; but I can’t help say that its message is very apt for the world we are in today – RIGHT NOW. The title of the movie is the same as the title of this article – Klaus. It’s message… well.. I think that it is better said this way.

For those who have seen it, I would say, go see it again. It deserves a second look, a third look, and yes… even a fourth one. For those who haven’t, just go to Netflix and stream away. You will not be sorry.


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