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Plan-demic? – The Corona Chronicles.

When you were celebrating the New Year 2020, did you ever think that everything that you see right now would happen?

Recently one of the blogs that I follow posted an article that I found really interesting – Adapting To the New Normal

I would certainly seem that society has relegated themselves to the fact that until certain powers have their way or are satisfied, we are stuck with this pandemic and it won’t go away. Which means, welcome to the rest of your life.
Watching one my favorite movies, “Back To The Future”, there was one question asked by the Doc concerning the attire he was wearing on a video of himself – a Radiation Suit. His remarks about it were, “Of course, the fallout from the nuclear wars.”

So, people in the 1950s were pretty much convinced that a nuclear war was coming – with both the super powers stock piling them. Did nuclear war happen? No… never did. Fortunate for us. But something even more sinister has taken its place – biological warfare.

Honestly, while some have accepted that this will be the new norm, I’m not convinced. There are far worse things to come. In recent news, Dr, Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates have said that a second wave of the virus is coming. I do have questions on how they are so sure. Probably for the same reasons they were sure; warning about such an event in years passed.

I won’t get into any conspiracy theories. God only knows that there are a number of theories floating around out there. I have watched quite a few videos online and while it is clear that this virus is deadly, it does not seem to be as deadly as the media is making it out to be. There are incredible inconsistencies to the numbers being perpetuated on a daily basis and every headline seems to want to spread terror. There also seems to be a political component to this virus’ agenda.
Looking at the media, they claim scientific data as fallacies; all to perpetuate a narrative that does not actually make sense.

Recently someone sent me this on social media.

I don’t really know what to make of this at the moment. From all areas, it has been claimed and proven that this whole thing was planned and the “powers that be” have decided that there is going to be a another wave, till they can scare people enough to readily accept a global vaccine.
It comes as a strange thing because there are people being cured with the right treatment and in some cases, those soem people who have been infected, mostly have gotten through without the virus even manifesting a single symptom for 28 days. I have seen this happen first hand because two of my colleagues were exposed to the virus. They tested positive and both really only stayed at home in quarantine and now are completely virus free. They never had any symptoms – not even fever or a high temperature.

So I really have to ask, do we really need this global vaccine? Do I still need to keep wearing this God-awful mask? When are we going to be free from all of this?



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  1. The second wave *will* happen regardless – it’s a natural consequence of a virus’s dynamics. What really matters here is how many people would die or otherwise get disabled from it.

    I’ve heard that the big concern about CoV-19 is that it’s especially infectious for a disease with a higher-than-usual death rate. That’s why the focus is on masks and social distancing. One would want to keep their risk of unfortunate death to a minimum.

    • To be frank, it just seems far too organized to be a sudden pandemic and it is just right on the money with political agendas. The death rate is there, but it does not seem as high as they claim it to be. I would not call the virus a hoax. It exists, it is deadly, but it is not untreatable, nor is it as bad as people want us to believe. I will concede that it is highly contagious. The truth be told, we don’t really know how the virus really kills and how it will effect us. Each individual has different experiences with it. My colleagues spend a leisurely amount of time at home on quarantine and came out without even experiencing a single symptom. Others people talk about fevers and death.
      Some people have even been in the same room with infected people, and still tested negative – even after the right amount of time.

      As far as I understand, this thing has gained so much momentum, that when a global vaccine is announced, it will be hard for governments not to legally enforce it on their people; thus making it illegal to protest. The mob mentality of the media, the press and the internet will certainly see to that. And I am guessing that is what these people want most of all. For what, you can be sure it won’t be for our own good.

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