Why NASA Matters*

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*Even to the most jaded, practical minded.

Asked recently on the Internet:

Why is the U.S spending so much money on NASA given that it is impractical and does not generate cash flow to sustain itself?

Because much of what NASA does isn’t immediately practical or capable of generating a self sustaining cash flow. Government has no business doing those things. Government should pay for things business can’t or won’t, like basic research.

NASA went to the moon because it was impossible, impractical, madness. But they did it, and in a very real sense, we all went with them, all of humanity, all of us with eyes to see and dreams to dream, and we came to see ourselves not as this

but as this

NASA is not just America’s space agency, it’s also the US government’s principle agency for research into all things aeronautic and space related.

After the…

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