MEBAA 2016

15338810_1328250840560497_4688069107169599467_n“If you’ve seen one airshow, you’ve seen them all.” These were the words a colleague said to me. In a way I tend to agree. The general public will look in awe and wonder at aerial displays and the very notion of getting up and close with machines, deemed only for those who can afford it.
But for those in the business, it just seems like another day at the office.

Yes… if you look at one aerial display, you tend to think, so what? What makes that different from the other aircraft before it. Both fly. Both have the same capabilities. But to an aviation enthusiast like myself, it does not seem enough.

img_4657This year, for the Middle East Business Aviation Airshow (sounds like a mouthful and it is) or MEBAA as it is more commonly known, I had the pleasure of working on the company stand. Being there and actually seeing what takes place was an interesting experience.

The atmosphere was buzzing with activity, although in speaking with the VP of the company later on, he mentioned it was a slow show.


Looking at the amount of people at the stand, you would have thought otherwise; however those in the know always know better. However as I see it, it was a good opportunity for those in the field meet and great one another, gaining business relations and contacts along the way.


While there was no extravagant aerial displays at this show, I am glad for the experience and look forward to being apart of the next one.

Disclaimer: All photos are from the Facebook page of Execujet Aviation Group.

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