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The Man Lab

I recently came across this series and was quite intrigued by it. Even though I’ve watched all the episodes that there are, I found myself watching it over and over again.

It sums up the condition of the most of us men these days. How many of us right now know how to wire up a normal wall plug? Does your basic tool kit at home consist of only a hammer?

I must confess that when growing up, in our house, before any kind of professional got involved, my dad did most of the handy stuff. To be honest, unlike most men, he actually knew what he was doing, so we rarely needed a professional. When something broke, we took it to our dad to mend and he usually was able to. So growing up, I kinda learned how to do stuff. We always had tools and we still do.

The question is why do most of us these days only rely on professionals to do the job and do the job well? Its not like we can say that we don’t know how. This might be true in part, but we really have no excuse. In this day and age of the internet, there is pretty much a youtube video on how to do whatever you could possibly think of. And if there isn’t, you can find detailed instructions in some other form. There is literally no basic skill that you cannot master nor anything that you cannot do, provided you are willing to take time on it.

Its not like you can learn to do brain surgery from a youtube video, or can you..?

Anyways, what intrigued me about the show above was that I truly understood that even though my dad made the effort to teach us certain skills, there were still some basic things that even I did not know.

I’m not an expert. Not even trying to be. I’ve just decided that I’m not going to be one of those men who worry about whether their face was properly moisturised or not; Or leave simple 5 minute jobs to someone else. I’m going to be someone who isn’t helpless when faced with having to build something or fix something in my own home; be it a shelf, light bulb, wall plug, or even basic automotive repair…

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