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Why No Spy Hunter?

I’ve been waiting forever to see a movie about the Marvel Character Black Panther. Let’s hope I don’t have to wait for much longer to see a “Spy Hunter” movie.

Rumors have been floating around now for quite some time. Much like the Marvel Character, many a famed actor has been linked to the title, including The Rock; although the Rock’s involvement with the franchise was more for one  of the game releases. But even the Rock couldn’t save that one. The trailer was cool though..

OK.. So why Spy Hunter?…
As a kid I always had an interest in cars. Recall watching the amazing talking KITT of Knight Rider. I guess it is because it appeals to the inner boy. What 7 – 12  year old boy doesn’t like to see a car on screen have gadgets, shoot bad guys and perform amazing feats like becoming a boat or something…?

We’ve all seen James Bond’s vehicles do amazing things; only to be destroyed in the end of a short action sequence. Its very rare that Bond has his assigned wheels till the end of a movie. To be honest, I think its only the Aston Martin Vanquish from Die Another Day. Most would say that the old Aston DB5 is the most favorite of the Bond cars and I think that its the one that has appeared in most of the movies. But to me, my favorite is the white Lotus.. why? Because it does what every kid imagines a spy car should do – become a submarine.

We’ve seen Hollywood do some amazing things with cars in recent years.. the Fast and Furious movies are a testament to that. So it is really no stretch for them to create a simple action based movie following a secret agent and a car, that in all intents is faster than a Ferrari, armored like a tank, becomes a boat or submarine and capable of all terrain travel. And further more is given the coolest name that can be given to any car – The Interceptor.

C’mon Hollywood.. I’m waiting.


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