The Liebster Award

I’ve never heard of this award, nor ever been nominated for one. I would have to give thanks to CaveGirlMBA for the nomination. According CaveGirlMBA’s post, conditions for accepting the award / nomination were […]

New Skills

Learning new skills is something nice to do. Self improvement is something that everyone should consider. For me though, learning a new skill always has resulted in pain and frustration. I don’ […]

Faith + Gratitude = Peace + Hope

When I was young my dad would always say, "Crystal, you can choose your attitude." One day I chose to believe him.

Julx's Blog

"Just My Thoughts"


A journey into the labyrinth of my sceptical mind.

Jenny Chu

Be Strong. You Never Know Who You're Inspiring

C Stuart Hardwick

Award-Winning Scifi & Fantasy

The Curious Blonde

Lifestyle of an international citizen

Dreamspinner Extraordinaire

Spinning castles in the air has become a habit.

Wanderlust Hop

Inside life of an ex flight attendant turned stay at home Mum in the Middle East

Sarah Jane Mackenzie

In pursuit of anything that makes life good


Given freely.




A Filipino-German couple's personal accounts on life and love

Crumble Cult

By Tony Single


A London perspective on life, work and everything in between

Curriculum of the Spiritual Life

Poems, Prayers, & Proverbs that speak to what it means to be a "living curriculum" of the Christian Life.


An Exploration Of My Soul


exploring the fine art of geek (an exercise in creativity)

Marina Kanavaki

Art Towards a Happy Day


See it though a misfit

Sarah Warsi

Peace | Love | Happiness