Alternative Engines

Technical stuff calm me down. Maybe its because I’m such a petrol-head… Recently been thinking about alternatives to the regular piston engines Especially something unique. For instance, 1. This is a from […]


Glasgow Girl Gone Global

C Stuart Hardwick

Award-Winning Scifi & Fantasy

The Curious Blonde

Lifestyle of an international citizen

Dreamspinner Extraordinaire

Spinning castles in the air has become a habit.

Wanderlust Hop

Inside life of a flight attendant in the Middle East

Sarah Jane Mackenzie

In pursuit of anything that makes life good


Given freely.

Caffeinated and Opinionated

A fiction loving stress ball of contradictions

Evy Zen

artistic tidbits & poetic snippets snipping away at the societal veil.

Sought After Blood Lines

Fantasy & Romance Book | Excerpts & Teasers Galore!




A Filipino-German couple's personal accounts on life and love

Crumble Cult

By Tony Single


A London perspective on life, work and everything in between

Curriculum of the Spiritual Life

Poems, Prayers, & Proverbs that speak to what it means to be a "living curriculum" of the Christian Life.


An Exploration Of My Soul


exploring the fine art of geek (an exercise in creativity)

Vincent Carlos

I Talk About The Most Important Ideas From The Books I Read

Marina Kanavaki

Art Towards a Happy Day


See it though a misfit

Sarah Warsi

Happiness ~ Positivity ~ Inspiration


Poetry, Inspiration and a platform for Global Issues

A Holistic Journey

Finding my way back out of motherhood -- while mothering


Grab my hand and we'll explore this universe!

Aria-Bella Rises

Inspiration to lead you back to Soul