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War! What is it good for? – Russia vs Ukraine.

Edwin Starr – War.

I’m sure that my avid readers have been waiting for me to give my stance and take on the atrocities taking place in the country of Ukraine. You would think that I should have a lot to say since I have a vested interest and by that I mean online communications with a number of ladies living there. Needless to say, the war does effect me in a personal way. I worry for the safety of the people that I’ve been talking to. Right now I’m just continuously praying and hoping for their safety and the safety of their families.

Listening to Putin speak, Yes, I can understand his arguments, his reason for this conflict. He does not want NATO to have a base right next to Russia. He also believes that Ukraine is native Russian soil. He doesn’t trust NATO and frankly he is right in this aspect.

The trouble is that NATO has been going this for a long time. They building missile bases and stuff closer and closer to Russia and then at the same time, make energy deals with Russia. So because they have made deals for Russian oil and energy, Putin has the upper hand. So he takes his chance to do whatever he wants.

Now the world is putting sanctions on Russia, but they cannot so it for long because they dug the hole for themselves. They cannot do anything more than that because most of the leaders in the E.U., NATO and even current US administration are being paid by China; who is a friend to Russia.

I don’t often believe everything that comes in the media about  Covid, this war, etc., because most of the time, the media has their own agenda. They work for certain politicians to make everything one way and make everyone believe one thing. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “Fake News”.

I prefer to watch certain people who are independent journalists, researchers and thinkers. They ask critical questions. 

There is quite a bit of conflicting information coming out of Ukraine right now and how this all started. I can tell you even some Ukrainians are not happy about their current president; even though he puts on a brave stance against the power and the might of Russia.
There is a lot of propaganda that is being publicized all over every news station right now, with graphic images and stories.
Both sides swear they are telling the truth.

The poor Ukrainians are being used as pawns for the agendas of various governments around the world. The current US administration is using the war as a way to distract the public from what awful mess they are doing to their own country.

NATO and Europe are nothing more than hypocrites. They are happy to take Russian oil and gas, yet they constantly talk about Putin being a threat. They are happy to do many things as long as it benefits them.

These people don’t really care about what happens to Ukraine. If they did, then they would have done something sooner or better than to escalate and start this war. 

Let me say that this is mostly the fault of NATO and to a lesser degree, China. This might come as a surprise to you, but it is the truth. Most of the current leaders in the world are being influenced by the Chinese government. China is grabbing as much resources as it needs for its own conquest of the world, economically. More on that in another post.
Yes, they are involved; even more than you think.

Now with all the sanctions and stuff that is being put on Russia now, it is pushing Russia close to a stronger alliance with China. This is what China wants as well as it would mean more control over Russia; the world’s largest supplier of oil and gas. 

Putin is no fool. He knows well about the Chinese Debt Trap. However now with the economy in ruin and him really having no allies anywhere else, he has no choice but to seek help from China; putting himself too under their mercy.

My heart goes out to the innocent people caught in the middle. When politicians play their games, it is only the innocent people that suffer.

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