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I stand with Joe Rogan

I’m sure that most of you would have seen a number of posts, clips, etc., about singers and songwriters trying to boycott Spotify over a controversy with Joe Rogan. I’m writing this as complimentary response to a brilliant article written by a fellow blogger Caralyn..

For those who don’t know who Joe Rogan is, here is the wikipedia..

Needless to say, the man is famous. He is also now infamous. I want to make it clear that I’ve never heard a full podcast interview of Joe Rogan’s show. However I have seen clips and he is a very fair, open person, ready to listen to both sides of an argument and then make an informed conclusion. This is what any rational person would do. However the current world we live in is anything but rational.

Our modern world is all about appearances, mob-rule, majority-rules, etc. There is no room for independent thinking and frankly it is sickening.

I’m sure you’ve seen a number of musicians and celebrities trying to weigh in their influence and in most cases “cancel” Joe Rogan over misinformation and most recently the use of the “N-word”. We all know that in our currently society, if anyone except a person of African decent says the “N-word”, he/she risks being called a racist. Frankly I’m against such stuff. If the word is wrong, it shouldn’t be used at all. There are claims of Joe using the N-word a lot during his podcasts and making derogatory statements towards members of the black community, but I haven’t seen any evidence being posted. If you have evidence, let the world see it.
As far as I know, the whole controversy started first about the N-word. However the word in question is not the N-word you’re thinking. The actual word here is “Nazi” and more to the fact that in the interview which started the controversy, Dr. Robert Malone basically indirectly called the current US administration Nazis – in the way that they were forcing vaccines on the population and handling the pandemic. Well Dr. Malone, I have news for you. That’s a lot of the world’s governments these days.
Of course, this did not sit well with the current administration. For one, this word is what they use to call anyone who disagrees with them. During the last presidential elections, this is the world they called everyone who voted for Donald Trump. This is the word they use to intimidate and fool the population into agreeing with their policies. I mean… sure.. who wants to be associated with the world’s most ruthless, bigoted, hateful, racist organization to ever exist on our planet?

Another factor is the “misinformation”.. which frankly is another false claim. The real misinformation is the claim of misinformation. A lot of people are not happy that Joe Rogan has basically given a voice to those who should be silenced. Right now anyone who opposes vaccine mandates or anything kind of Covid restrictions is basically a conspiracy theorist. Even the person who is credited with inventing the mRNA vaccine isn’t allowed to talk about his own creation. Anything contrary to the lies of the world’s governments is misinformation.

I’m pretty sure that the majority of those who are trying to cancel Joe Rogan are ones who didn’t actually listen to the show or interview. And if you really want to see it, you’re probably out of luck because, most streaming sites are taking it down. The reason is simple. They don’t want the majority of the people to know the real truth. Joe’s podcasts reach more people than any on the new media outlets; which is one reason why the current U.S. government is working so hard on getting him cancelled off streaming sites as soon as possible.

I stand with Joe Rogan because I believe in free speech and open debate. I believe in the right to express your opinion. I started this blog for that very reason. It is here where I express my own opinions and welcome criticism, rebuke, correction, etc. I’m not here to misinform anyone. if I post something I am proved wrong, I will humbly accept it. I’m here to freely express my thoughts. People should be able to have a conversation and openly debate. Frankly all I see from much of the world and the online community right now is a hive mentality that only thinks and believes one thing and if we don’t agree, we’re intimidated to agree.
What I have seen so far is that intelligent conversation and debate is pretty much becoming a thing of the past. Those who are currently in power and in charge of our online experiences really don’t want us to think freely for ourselves. They don’t want us to ask intelligent questions. Most often if they can’t find a logical argument, they stoop to character assassination. Frankly its just childish.

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  1. The Rogan controversy began with his covid misinformation, and then grew when a montage was released of him saying the n word like 20 times, from different episodes, back to back. You may be the only person in the world who ostensibly isnt aware of it..

    Artists took further issue with the fact that Spotify signed Rogan for $100 million (in order to spread his misinformation and indisputable racism) while the artists who actually created Spotify with their music get paid peanuts. The outrage is justified.

    I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to like him. But I can’t bring myself to be that credulous.

    The controversy didn’t start with the n word, and the n word was not “nazi”. And governments don’t give a shit about him. The people want him taken down.

    You got this one completely wrong on multiple points, mate. You’re free to stand with whomever you wish, but you’re backing the wrong horse.

    • Thank you for your comment. I welcome the correction about the N word. However, with regards to the misinformation, I still stand by the stance that the only misinformation is the fact that that there isn’t any. Did you ever consider why is it that whenever a medical professional disagrees with what the media says, numerous articles and stuff come out in attempt to slander the person?
      Did you ever wonder why there are so many medical professionals who refused to take the vaccine; even to the point of losing their jobs? These aren’t crazy crackpots.. these are medical professionals. Surely they know something that about health and vaccines that you and I don’t.

      I’ve had two perfectly healthy colleagues passed away after taking the vaccine. People I’ve worked with for 10 years. A third, has taken two kinds of vaccines, a booster, still managed to contract Covid, got incredibly sick and now gets sudden attacks of being unable to breathe. So far we’ve had to call an ambulance for her in about 3 separate occasions. It is easy to dismiss these cases and treat people’s lives as a simple numbers game; especially when it is someone you don’t personally know.
      After since seeing these cases, I think people should be concerned and are entitled to know all the details about these vaccines. Why aren’t we given all the info?

  2. Studying conspiracy theories/theorists is a big hobby of mine. As I said, I wanted to like Rogan, but he exhibits too many traits of classic conspiracists for me to consider him anything else. That’s not to say he’s a particularly bad one – Alex Jones and the like are far and away worse than Rogan – but it still doesn’t excuse his behavior.

    1. So, there are a few problems with your logic in your belief that these aren’t conspiracies or that Rogan doesn’t spread them.

    “Did you ever consider why is it that whenever a medical professional disagrees”

    No, I’ve never wondered, as I already know the answer. The medical professionals you are referring to are not *just* disagreeing with the media, as you made it out to be. They are also disagreeing with an overwhelming consensus of their compatriots in the related medical fields. ~98% of doctors in America support the vaccine. I can find you sources if you wish. From my understanding, this is similar numbers as epidemiologists, virologists, etc, too.

    So, any rational person – including the media – should find these claims dubious. There is nothing to wonder about.

    As someone interested in conspiracists and how they think, this behavior is very interesting to me. What you are implying by utilizing this argument of “Why aren’t you/the media listening to these doctors??” is that you care what medical professionals think, and that I should, too. Yet, by ignoring an overwhelming consensus of medical professionals who believe the vaccine is safe an effective, you are effectively proving that you don’t care the slightest in the opinion of medical professionals and experts in the field. In that way, this argument is actually self-defeating. “You don’t care about medical experts, so why should I?”, etc.

    Especially interesting is the hypocrisy of this statement: “these are medical professionals. Surely they know something that about health and vaccines that you and I don’t.”

    If 98 auto mechanics told you one thing was wrong with your car and 2 told you another thing, who would you listen to? Would you think it weird if there were people who fervently believed that the 2 were correct and 98 were wrong? I know you probably don’t see it this way, but that is what you are doing and that is how people view the beliefs that you hold.

    It’s not ignorant to hear what the 2 have to say – I would support doing as much – but to believe them without any reservation at all – especially when those 2 cannot produce credible evidence of their claims – *that* is ill-advised.

    And I don’t believe that the ~2% of medical professionals are lying. They truly believe that vaccines are dangerous for one reason or another. That doesn’t mean they are correct.

    And it is only slander if it is untrue. The woman who released the “documentary” about the vaccine or whatever it was had thoroughly discredited herself in numerous ways far before she released that documentary; Far before the mainstream had any idea who she was. I’m assuming that’s mainly who you were referencing. From what I’ve seen, the media simply reports *factual* information about their lives. (ie: “They were fired from this lab for stealing data” or “They said they taught at this university but the university has said they’ve literally never heard of this person”, etc) What the right does to people like Fauci is *ascribe motivations* to him and others that they are not justified in ascribing. That’s the difference. The right is doing far more active discrediting, of late.

    2. The next big thing you are doing to support your beliefs is citing anecdotes.
    Surely, you understand why these cannot be “admissible”, if you will, as credible evidence?
    Why do you rely on anecdote when there are hundreds of credible studies you could have instead used? The reason: Actual, rigorous, scientific studies do not produce results which you agree with.

    For instance: Ivermectin, which Rogan has falsely espoused as a better alternative for a Covid cure. Credible, rigorous studies have shown no positive effect as a treatment compared to placebo, and if you look to countries like Brazil and Peru, which reportedly relied heavily on Ivermectin treatments, their deaths per capita are awful compared to similar countries.

    I’m all for further study of Ivermectin. But every single person who says it’s good vs Covid is making unjustified assumptions at best and have lost any credibility. No credible studies have thus far provided results that would justify that statement.

    3. Rogan’s misinformation (quotes paraphrased):

    – “Ivermectin is a viable vaccine alternative/treatment”: As discussed, this is misinformation.

    – “Kids below 21 don’t need to get the vaccine. Your chance for a bad side effect/death from the vaccine is worse than your chance for bad side effects/death from the virus”: Studies do not, in the slightest, agree with this statement. Young people, as we all know, are much less likely to have health complications from Covid. Even so, they are far more likely to have complications, including death, from Covid than they are from the vaccine.

    – Similar is his claim that “If you’ve already had Covid, getting a vaccine is a greater risk than not getting one” Studies show the opposite. Misinformation.

    – Furthermore, he said: “I don’t think it’s true there’s an increased risk of myocarditis from people catching Covid-19 that are young, versus the risk from the vaccine.”. He is wrong. According to studies, young people are 6x more likely to have myocarditis if they catch Covid compared to taking the vaccine. It’s misinformation.

    – “MRNA is gene therapy – not even a vaccine” Completely factually incorrect. Misinformation.

    – “Lockdowns make things worse” – Completely inaccurate and provably false. We can compare regions or states or countries who didn’t go on lockdown and compare them against those who did. Such studies are always in favor of lockdowns costing far far less lives than a lack of them. This was obvious misinformation, and yet likely fueled much of the unrest in America and around the world.


    I could keep going, but you get the idea. I’ll be happy to provide sources for any of the above claims if you ask, assuming you won’t arbitrarily dismiss them without reason once I provide them.

    Now, I’m not saying he has said nothing true – even related to the virus. Maybe he has. But the idea that he hasn’t been spreading misinformation is easily proven false.

    Sorry for the length. Lot to unpack.

    • Well.. thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.. Have you ever seen An0maly? I like his videos because he calls out the BS from both sides of the political aisle.

      Most of the people who are being called anti-vax are not really against the vaccinations. They are against vaccine mandates; which is blatantly ignoring something that 100% of medical professionals will agree with – natural immunity. Any medical professional in the world would state that if you catch Covid and you survive, without needing any special medical assistance, it means that your body has developed natural immunity which is stronger and better than what any vaccine could provide.
      Which makes me wonder why 98% of doctors are for the mandates? Are they complying just because they don’t want to lose their jobs?
      When these so called vaccines came out, we were told that it would prevent us from catching Covid. Then after many of us took the vaccines, they came around and said, well actually it will not prevent you from catching Covid, but it will prevent you from spreading Covid to another person. Then later they say, sorry, it won’t prevent you from spreading Covid, but it will stop you from getting really sick. So far, none of that has been true.
      So tell me, if you caught Covid and you developed natural immunity, then why should you be forced to take a vaccine that provides you no additional benefit whatsoever?
      Even more so, if you consider my colleagues, something that could actually kill you or cause some issues later on. OK. For 98 percent of people in the world, the vaccines will be fine. But how do you know that you won’t fall into that 2%.?
      You can’t know that at all – which means, you are still gambling with your life.

      Again, as I said, it is easy to dismiss the 2% because well,, its only 2% and in the grand scheme of things, it is acceptable.. but not when you can put a face on that 2%.. not when it is someone you personally know.

      Ok.. we can give the vaccine the benefit of a doubt. It was rushed after all to cope with this mess.
      However even more so, if I want to travel, I have issues. One vaccine is not accepted and another is. If the point was to vaccinate the population, then why the huge emphasis on which vaccine was taken in order to gain entry to particular country?
      My sister works with the customer service in the airport and he once assisted a businessman who basically took every single vaccine because he needed to be free to travel everywhere.
      Even here is clear this isn’t about public health anymore. This is so more about politics and something else.

      All our information about Covid is coming from the WHO. This is the same WHO that told us in December 2019 that Covid was just another flu; nothing to worry about. The same WHO who ignored claims from Taiwanese doctors stating that they were getting information from their counterparts in China that this was serious. The same WHO that lied to all of us until Covid was spread to every single continent.

      If we want to hold Joe Rogan others responsible for misinformation, then why not hold the WHO responsible as well. Why isn’t anyone going after those people?

  3. Mate, I’m not sure where you heard the majority of these things, but there is a lot more misinformation in what you commented.

    1. No, haven’t heard of An0maly. I’ll check him out. I do want to mention that I think we humans have a psychological weakness to these “middle of the line” people who call out “both sides”. I think we instinctively believe that they must be more trustworthy, since they don’t exactly align with either side, but that’s not true. That’s not to say An0maly isn’t trustworthy – only that he has to earn every bit of trust same as anyone else. He doesn’t get a free pass because he takes shots at everyone, as tempting as it is to give. Not saying you’re doing that – just wanted to mention it.

    2. Most people who are against vaccine mandates are the same people who, yesterday, were against vaccines, and before that were against lockdowns, and before that were against masks, and before that were against social distancing, and before that thought that Fauci and/or Bill Gates and/or “liberal elite” spread the virus purposefully, and before that called Covid a hoax.

    There is a pattern there. I’m not convinced that the vast majority have any convictions at all about the virus. They just pretend they do because the culture that they associate with (be that conservative, right-wing, redneck/hick/etc, fans of Shapiro/Peterson/Fox News, or whatever group they align themselves with) also pretends to hate anything about the virus. Mostly, it’s political. It’s the “tears of liberals” play. If liberals want something, conservatives are against it on principle, even if it’s a good thing. That sounds hyperbolic, but it really isn’t. Burn the house down with themselves inside if it means annoying liberals even a little. Same exact thing with climate change and to a lesser degree, gun regulation.

    3. “Any medical professional in the world would state that if you catch Covid and you survive, without needing any special medical assistance, it means that your body has developed natural immunity which is stronger and better than what any vaccine could provide.”

    This is straight up misinformation. I’m guessing around 98% of medical professionals would disagree with you, there. Studies have shown that natural immunity is not as strong as immunity from the vaccine, and your chances of complications if you catch Covid a 2nd time unvaccinated are still far higher than your chance of complications if you’ve had the vaccine.

    I will grant that I used to think as you did, too. I thought natural immunity was the way to go. Sweden, early on in the pandemic, tried it out. No masks, no social distancing, no lockdowns. They wanted to promote quick herd immunity. Lo and behold, Sweden has something like 3x or 4x the deaths per capita from Covid than surrounding countries like Denmark and Norway. Again, I can find you sources. I’m a bit sad and bemused that it didn’t work for Sweden, but it clearly failed. Those deaths per capita results are not acceptable (especially now that we know better), and they are completely avoidable, but the masses believing misinformation makes implementing strategies that will *actually* help very difficult.

    So, yes, 98% of doctors are for the mandate because that mandate will cost far less lives. And their job is to protect those lives.

    4. When the vaccine came out, whoever told you that it would be impossible for you to catch Covid was either lying or ignorant. That is not what the scientists and doctors were saying, or have ever said about any vaccine ever made in history. That’s never how they work. There is *always* a risk that you still might catch whatever it is. If that’s what your news networks or sources were telling you, then find new sources.
    Same goes for spreading it or getting really sick if you catch it. PROBABILITY, my friend. That’s what matters. Your probability to catch it, spread it, have severe symptoms, require hospitalization, have long-lasting effects, or die, are all extremely lower if you have the vaccine compared to not getting it. These are provable, documented facts. Your probability for these things does, indeed, decrease, if you are unvaccinated and get Covid and recover, but not as much as getting the vaccine. Also, my understanding is that the protection from the vaccine lasts longer than the milder protection from getting infected, but you may have to check that one.

    5. ” For 98 percent of people in the world, the vaccines will be fine. But how do you know that you won’t fall into that 2%.?”

    You’ve mistaken the numbers. 2% of people don’t die from the vaccine. That would be a ludicrous amount of dead people. “2%” is the number of doctors (roughly), who think vaccines might be dangerous – or at least, more dangerous than Covid.

    From here:

    “More than 547 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through February 14, 2022. During this time, VAERS received 12,304 preliminary reports of death (0.0022%)”

    Note: You would expect a small percentage of people to die from natural causes or other circumstances over a period of 2 months, and this data has recorded *every* death following the vaccine, even if they’re not necessarily attributed to the vaccine. The 0.0022% is an extremely conservative view. A more realistic view of deaths which actually might be attributed to the vaccine would be closer to 0.0001%. Only 9 deaths have actually been attributed to a vaccine that I’ve heard of. 9, out of 547 million. That, too, is probably low, but the actual number, we can reasonably assume, is not much higher. A few hundred, most likely.

    I think the percentage of people who die after catching Covid is around 1% in America. Obviously, that is much much much higher than 0.0001%.

    You mention “gambling”. If your goal is to have the lowest probability to die, or have severe health issues, or cause misery/death to those around you, then you should, according to the data, get the vaccine. That much isn’t up for debate. We’re talking number, now – not politics – and the numbers are extremely clear to those who care to look.

    I can’t really speak to your travel/vaccine problem. I would guess that some countries haven’t had their health departments (or whatever) approve other countries vaccines, yet? Typical bureaucratic type stuff, but not really the same type of politics we were discussing. That’s geopolitics – not differences in ideology. In any case, I’m too ignorant of that situation. I’ve got no idea.

    6. The WHO stuff: Most of this sounds like what I addressed in #4. I’m guessing that whomever told you what WHO said had an agenda, and they willfully misinterpreted what they were hearing from WHO.

    WHO has certainly made missteps – the largest I remember being that they said early on that you didn’t need to wear a mask before later rescinding that statement. They should have just said they were unsure and recommended one until they knew better.

    However, they are human, and those were human mistakes. As far as everything else you’ve accused them of saying, I will need a source before I believe any of those. Maybe they did say some of those things, but my guess is that it’s just more misinformation for political reasons. I can say that I was one of the few laymen in December of 2019 actually aware of Covid (only because a podcast I listen to), and the sentiment I got was that the scientists and health professionals and those with their ears to the ground were already getting very nervous at that time, while the general public were still completely unaware. I can’t see WHO not being a part of that sentiment.

    If you can find something, send it my way, though.

    7. “If we want to hold Joe Rogan others responsible for misinformation, then why not hold the WHO responsible as well. Why isn’t anyone going after those people?”

    As a last note (and again, I apologize for the length), you have moved the goalposts. The original post was about Joe Rogan’s misinformation – not holding everyone else accountable, too. Will you accept, then, that he has spread misinformation?

    I’m all for holding anyone accountable, including WHO, if they deserve it. But we already know Rogan deserves to be held to account.

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