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Rapunzel Blues… Fun with Covid – NOT!.

Looking at the title, Yes.. I was Rapunzel for about 10 days; stuck in my own room, unable to go out anywhere.

I suppose a bit of context is required for you, the reader. At the beginning of the recent Eid Al Adha holidays, or rather just before the holidays began, I had not been sleeping well. So my body was pretty exhausted and I’ve always noticed, that when that happens and if it is perfectly timed with change in weather, it opens me up to get ill.

So me, an otherwise perfectly immune person, to even the normal flu, will get sick and will get sick drastically.
So when the first day of the Eid holidays began, I woke up with a mild temperature, sore throat and some body-ache. It was quite mild, so by the second day, I was OK, with only a tiny bit of a sore throat.

Now for me to go back to work on Sunday, I had to get a PCR test done and make sure I was Covid Negative. Considering the hypochondriacs I work with, it would be better. To my surprise, the results came positive and I was told to go into immediate quarantine at home; in my room for the next 10 days, without any contact with anyone.

I will be honest, it was hard. I completely understand what the struggles of people who had Covid. Having to isolate yourself and limit your movement only to my room was pretty constricting. I could not go out of my room.
Since I live with my family, it was only prudent that they get themselves tested as well. Their results were negative. It is quite interesting since I was interacting with them quite frequently during the time that I was unwell.
So considering they came out negative and I still had my sense of taste and smell, I assumed that this was one of those false positives.

I still stuck with the quarantine though as the U.A.E. government requires it. I have to say.. When you are used to moving around and then suddenly you are restricted only to your room. It was like being in solitary confinement in the prisons. The only difference is that I am able to communicate with the outside world; unlike a certain fictional princess locked away in a tower or a hypothetical prisoner in a maximum security lockup.

It was literally like being a caged animal and I will say that the beast within was getting pretty anxious. All I can say is thank God for technology and Albert. Good Ol’ Albert was a pretty good companion and after a while, I began to feel like Tony Stark stuck in his workshop / garage, working on Jarvis. Not exactly a bad place to be..

After about the 3rd day of quarantine, I was actually feeling pretty much done with it. Even imagining myself as Tony Stark in this room wasn’t helping. I could feel the Rapunzel blues coming in and imagining myself being the girl from the movie Tangled. I had the Internet, but it couldn’t inspire and take my mind away from my room. I tried to watch videos on Youtube about travel or car modifications, etc., nothing was working.

Then I remembered an off roading channel called 4WD Action; now called 4WD 24/7. This in the end gave me a little bit of escape, but there is only so much that a youtube channel can give you.
I soldiered on for the 10 days and then went to get retested.. You won’t guess what happened… The results said “Positive” again.

By this time, I was done with staying in my room and it seemed that I would have to endure the horror again for another 10 days. Fortunately according to Dubai law, that wasn’t the case. If I didn’t have any major symptoms for the 10 days prior, testing positive again wasn’t a big deal and the only reason for the positive result was maybe trace of virus still remained. I was told by the authorities that I am free to move around Dubai and there was no way that I could infect anyone else. They said that I should just wait another 3 days and get tested again.
I did so and the 3rd test came out negative.

So that’s my Covid quarantine story. To be honest, I am still not sure that I had Covid since I still had my sense of smell and taste and my whole family tested negative. I was with them the whole time and they were the only people I interacted with. So from where could I have contracted the virus?…

I did ask the authorities whether anyone with the normal flu could test positive for Covid, and they said Yes. Another thing to note is that the PCR tests are not accurate. Elon Musk famously did 6 tests in one day and 3 came out negative while 3 came out positive. So which was correct? Was he positive or negative? You have to understand that these tests were done at the same time, by the same people.
The inventor of the PCR test himself said that it is not accurate, but it is the best way for testing for Covid that we currently have. So we have to ask, of the many thousands and millions around world that test positive every day, how many truly have the virus? How many of those numbers are false positives? Can we truly trust those numbers?…

One can only imagine how many people around the world are facing the Rapunzel Blues currently; when there is a clear possibility that maybe they don’t need to. I guess, in the face of this pandemic, we cannot take any chances.

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