Touch-Typing… A Necessity?

In the modern world of ours’ computers are practically ubiquitous. They are current indispensable tools and we simply cannot to do a thing without them. However, I’ve noticed a trend that I think should be corrected as soon as possible.

Recently I visited a store for my internet service provider. It was nothing serious, however I noticed that the person behind the counter would have been far more productive, had he been able to enter my data into the system faster. I sat there; watching this individual hunt and peck on his keyboard, searching for the letters that made up my name. At this point, I was thinking, would it not be better if I was to enter the data in myself. It would be faster because my first job was indeed – data entry.

Now while this person was a customer service representative, this was not as bad as the next situation. I visited the IT department of a local government authority as they were the only ones that could solve an issue. Now, this being the IT department, could you have a guess at how many people I noticed there looking at their keyboards and typing?.. All of them. The IT person was literally hunting and pecking on his keyboard.

We have managed to improve computers so much that they could do tasks about as fast as our brains could imagine it. So it stands to reason that we should be able to use them just as efficiently. Am I correct?

This isn’t just about being efficient. It is about being healthy as well. Time and time again, I get to meet people who complain that working long hours on the computer gives them pains and aches in various parts of their body. Fortunately, the people that I have met, don’t have cases so severe, that they need surgeries; which can easily happen.
When you see these people using their computers, you can easily see why they are having such issues. Wrong posture, wrong techniques, etc.

I’ve always been a firm believer that anything that needs to be done, needs to be done well and needs to be done right.

It’s an interesting quote and one would ask, why would people need to come and watch me typing?.. Well true. Why would they? It would be incredibly boring. However, go back to my examples above. How many more customers would the customer service rep be able to attend to, if he didn’t waste so much time entering data into the system..?
How much more professional would an I.T. department person look if he didn’t need to look at his keyboard just to enter a single command?
Over here where I live, I encounter so many such people (including I.T professionals & programmers) and it makes me wonder, did any thought about bettering themselves or their skills ever cross their minds?.. I guess not.

We can agree that computers trends are changing as well. However the need to use a keyboard will not go away. It will only increase in the coming years. In my school, typing wasn’t a class that one could take, so whatever skills I have right now are simply a result of using taking the initiative to learn a skill – a skill that humanity is going to need for a long time to come.

So learn to touch type.. You will not be sorry and it will be worth it. For those looking to learn, there are a number of sites.
10 Fast Fingers
Key Hero
You can even make it a game (typeracer.com).

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