June 2021 – Aren’t we done with Covid yet?

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – WHO Director-General

My sister in law sent a video to our family group where the Director-General for the World Health Organization was talking about the new ‘Delta’ variant of Covid and how bad it will be for us all. To be honest, the whole video just seemed like an advertisement for the benefits of getting vaccinated and I wondered why?…
Why do they need to tell and remind people to get vaccinated? I would think that with all the hype and the danger the media has spun over the virus, etc., you would think that people will be fighting in line to get themselves vaccinated. Truth is.. they not..

People are no longer scared of the virus as the media and the World Health Organization wants them to be. All over the world people are just done with this whole situation. Over here in Dubai, much of the population is getting vaccinated, but not out of fear. No.. We don’t fear the virus as the WHO wants us to. For most of the people, their attitude, as well as mine, is of “lets just get this over with”. We are only getting vaccinated because we just want to get on with our lives, get back to some kind of normalcy, be able to travel and be done with this whole Covid-19.

If anyone is watching the news over the past couple of months, the nation of India has been having it really bad. A sudden new variant has emerged and is killing people at a rapid pace.
For me, looking at this whole situation, I have two questions no one seems to be able to answer.
1. I find it interesting that this sudden new variant comes out just when the people of the world seem to have a handle on this and the world is starting to recover from this. It is just all too coincidental and that too specifically in the country with the world’s largest population.
2. Why are we allowed to call this new variant “the Indian variant” because it originated in India, but we are not allowed to call Covid “the Chinese virus” because it originated in China?
I’ve been called racist for actually asking that question. Not surprised though, considering the blatant double standards of the liberal online mob.

Yeah, maybe we were overdue for a global pandemic in 2020; just as scientist and Bill Gates have been saying since this whole thing started, but I just have the question. From what is currently being revealed at the moment, what if we weren’t?…
What if 2020 was going to be just another glorious year? What if nature wasn’t going to follow protocol and give us another pandemic so someone took the time and opportunity to manufacture one..?
Frankly all of it just seems rather staged if you think about it and evidence is just now coming out that it was. Looking at it logically, anyone with 1/2 a brain or 10% (like myself) will say the same. It just seems that we the people of the world have been played; like a large game of Age of Empires.

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