It's just Me...

Racing the Sunrise…

Its been a while since I got to hang out with my brother Jason and his wife, so it was definitely a nice surprise that he called up on Thursday and suggested a drive to Ras Al Khaimah – specifically the Jebel Jais mountain to watch the sunrise.

We made a plan to meet at my place and the 3 of us would hop in IronHide go at 5am. The drive there should take us no more than 45 – 50 minutes. Even though we left well in time, we forgot to take into account the number of detours and construction areas that we would encounter along the way. It seemed like we would not make it, but we did. Just over an hour & 10 mins later, we reached and as you will soon see, the views were worth it.

Whilst at the lookout point, we came across a hiking trail and decided to try it. Unfortunately, I was not prepared….

I have to say that the hike pretty much put everything into perspective as of how much I am out of shape. I really need to get back into a proper exercise routine. It was a difficult climb, but really the views were worth it. If you wish to see the more videos and photos, you can have a look at my Instagram.

All in all, I have to say that I did enjoy myself and the company. The drive was really pleasant. The hike left me out of breath. But I did enjoy it. And I was not the only one…

You can almost tell that the holiday season is upon us. As the weather is much cooler than before, you can see that there are people already enjoying it – camping out overnight. I guess it is a much need escape from the stresses of 2020.

It felt good to just take in the simplicity of the surroundings and the beauty – forgetting the world’s petty political problems and even the dreaded Covid 19.

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