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Where Is God?

Where is God?

I absolutely love this blog. The writer has so much heart. I kind of wanted to write a response to her article, but felt this would be a better thing.

She is totally right. I am sure that you have seen the news. The hatred, the political unrest, the death, the destruction. It seems this year has it all. Who needs an apocalypse movie, you just need to watch the news. I even saw a video where people are taking food from a garbage truck to eat.

Yes… So let’s answer her question – “Where Is God?”

I suppose it would so easy for the non-believer to look at everything happening in the world right about now and easily come to the conclusion “There is no God” OR “God Does Not Care”..
Yeah.. that is just what many people in the world want us to think and believe.

The truth is, God is there.. He knows what’s going on. He’s just not interfering. Why?… As much as we all want God to be this person that sees something wrong and just barges in and fixes everything, God will not interfere with Man’s free will. He gave man free will – something that certain political parties want to take away from us at this moment.
God gave man free will – to believe Him, to trust Him, and even to deny Him and His existence. God will not interfere till he is invited to do so.  And even if He is asked, sometimes, he will let things be because he needs us to learn our lesson first – much like a father giving his children some tough love.

I guess 2020 is God’s year of Tough Love.

I encourage you to read Caralyn’s article. Its has some interesting points as well.

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