It's just Me...

2020, Do I have to be 39?

Well… its that time again – the time when I turn up the number on my age count. Yes.. I’m 39.. one more year closer to that mid-life crisis.

Well actually leading up to specific day this year, I feel like I was having one. A sort of mini-crisis of sorts. Last year, I made plans that I was going to be completely free – in all areas. My responsibilities would be reduced, etc., etc., etc. I would free to live life on my own terms. Well, it seems someone had other ideas.

Somehow I guess like many people who celebrated their birthdays this year, feel that they were robbed of a year; especially all those who spent their birthdays in lockdown. Leading up to this day, I can honestly say that I didn’t do what I wanted to do and in part, I felt cheated of the year it should have been. All my plans have been postponed or failed. I am not as free as I thought and yet another year without someone special in my life.

Do I really have to accept this year and say I’m 39?

I guess it is at times like this you begin to count the blessings. The tiny miracles you never knew. Twice the Covid has crossed my path and in both times I never caught it. There were many people who lost their lives this year; victims of someone else’s greed and manipulation.

I am fortunate that I am a live and I have those special people around me. I want to thank them for the good celebration; despite the issues we face at this moment.

Yes.. I know I look like I got fat and old really fast. Don’t worry.. I’ll reverse the clock when I feel like it.

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