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The Diet Games – Part 2

Well, its over. It has been over for 3 days now… The whole ordeal of starving oneself for a week is over and I can tell you one thing… I’m never doing that again – Ever!!

Those looking for a recap – The Diet Games – Part 1

Oh sure, I received congratulations from quite a few friends; some of whom were actually shocked that I had been doing such a thing. One friend even asked to meet at a McDonalds, not knowing I was on the fast.

I wish I could describe how torturous it felt to have food right in front of me and not being able to eat it; out of honor as a gentleman, a Christian, a brother. I mainly stuck with it because being just one person in the house doing the fast, it would have been completely horrible for my little bro; hence I could not bear to let him struggle alone. I am guessing by having support within the family helped us both cope with the whole thing. We encouraged each other in a way.

I was impressed to know that what we attempted was really tiny – the longest record for not eating is 385 days.. Yes, you read that correctly. Just over a year of not eating and only drinking water. Whoever holds that record must be Superman.

The whole diet was a test on my self- control, but the bigger test is now upon us. How to maintain the weight loss after. The temptation to gorge on our fav delicacies are greater and one can easily gain the weight back; rendering the whole exercise pointless. So now we need to be extra careful. I decided to continue into a form of the Keto diet at least for a month. I need to give my body time to recover from the fasting ordeal. And then I will give this diet a try. This was given to me by a friend and is apparently a successful diet plan used by fashion models, when they feel they need to get in shape.

Day 1 – Only water
Day 2 – Fruit and water
Day 3 – Only water
Day 4 – Vegetables and water
Day 5 – Some protein rich food
Day 6 – Only water
Day 7 – Normal meals.

I intend to continue this diet scheme for a month and see if there are any results. I am sure that there will be something significant. However gorging myself on Day 7, will be a temptation that I will have to keep in check.

What this whole thing reminded me was that all those who have successful weight loss stories have one thing in common – Discipline. I would be honest and say that the sheer lack of it, is what brought me to this point. While I may be disciplined in many areas, my eating habits lacked. I used to be able to eat whatever and however I wished and not gain a single ounce. What i failed to realize is that the human body changes as one gets older.
Let’s just say I grew accustomed to eating of the fat of the land. 😛

Fasting is not just about weight loss, not eating, etc. Some people need to “fast” on other things. I guess it means more, giving up a part of something that gives you pleasure, to gain control and discipline over it – like, watching tv, the internet; all the nasty habits that we know we should have better control over. I know a lot of us need a social media fast.

In other words, it is a totally disciplined life that I am now aiming after; where I am in control over all my guilty pleasures.


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