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The Diet Games – Part 1

“I’m hungry…” You often hear that phrase and think whether we actually know what that really means. Well.. do we?

Perhaps a bit of context is required as to why the question. Well I’m on a diet.. And I am pretty hungry right now. In the past couple of years, I’ve been trying to lose weight. I wanted to get the body worthy of carrying the symbol I have on my chest. However that has never happened, because I developed a bad habit.. I like it eat. đŸ˜›

From the delicious pastries, croissants to steaks, etc., I’ve enjoyed them all. Nothing like coming home to a good meal after a long day. I will admit that sometimes I am the one doing the cooking, but let it never be said that I didn’t make a meal that didn’t warrant a second serving every now and then.
The recent quarantine didn’t help anything. We actually enjoyed the best of meals; even to the point my mom actually started baking bread and she was quite good at it as well.

A blog that I follow recently posted something interesting about Body Image in Quarantine Times. I encourage you to take a look at that article as well.

So I’m over weight. We’ve established that. Not too much over weight, but nevertheless over weight and not the kind of body that I would like to have. So what do we do about this?
Well my brother and some of his friends have decided to go on a diet. It is a 7 day fast with nothing but water. I decided to go along with it. Today being the second day in and I can tell you, I am really feeling the hunger pains. Last night I even dreamed I was eating a steak.
As you can imagine, I am really hungry right now, which actually not only prompted me to think, “Why am I doing this to myself?.. But also, “I think I now know what it really means to go actually go hungry.”

I am serious. It is a safe bet to say that most of us really don’t know what it means to be hungry. There are people in Venezuela that are literally taking food off a garbage truck because they cannot afford to buy anything to eat. Can you imagine that? Being so hungry that garbage smells appetizing?

Again.. It is safe to say that many of us have not been to that level.
Me, in the 2nd day of the fast, I am feeling it. It is only sheer determination that is not making me raid that fridge right about now.
Trust me when I say this.. Being hungry is not a pleasant feeling and is probably a slow and painful death. I recall a time when (as kids) we used to complain about eating our vegetables, etc., and my parents would say, “Learn to be grateful. There are those in Africa starving to death.”

Every year thousands of people die of hunger every year. Once this diet is over, I have come to appreciate the joy of eating a simple meal and keep in mind that there are those who are suffering. As a result, take each meal with a little less opulence and a lot more gratitude.


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