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Why I Refuse the Black Background.

This is going to be a pretty long post, so bear with me. I did not want to post till I had all my thoughts in order. I watched videos, listening to activists from both sides, just to get a clear picture.

I thank God that I am not in the U.S. right now. I am worried for my friends that are.
The reason is that I know it is hard to be right in the middle of it and be objective; isolating yourself from emotional narrative being peddled by the media.

Before we go any further, I must make this clear. My favorite color is black. My favorite animal is the Black Panther. One of my favorite Superheroes is Black Panther. I am dark skinned.. After spending a good portion of my life in the Dubai sun and heat. My father is really dark man as well.

I have a set of personal rules. It’s a code I follow. And the first 2 are…

  1. Always treat everyone as equal; the same, irrespective of their class, color, culture, etc…
  2. Always remember rule #1. 😛

So believe me when I say, I like black people and I am against racism in ALL its forms. More of that to follow.

When this all started. I began to ask a series of questions on social media about where were these protestor and civil rights activists when members of the black community were targeting Asian people over the Covid. I asked a question about why weren’t those targeted as acts of racism. Why does the narrative talk about the racism only when the victim is black or only if the racist in question is a white person? No one answered. I only got ridiculed.

Most black people that replied to me don’t want to admit that those are valid questions. I want justice and racists of all colors to be held accountable for their crimes.. not just the government & white people. That’s not the message being the protestors are projecting, so I can’t align myself to their cause.

By not playing along and not posting black backgrounds, I have been accused of being as bad as the white people or worse. I know many people in the world are doing so to just align themselves with a great cause or more accurately just following the next trendy thing.
I don’t deny there are racist people in the world. I deal with such types here constantly. The difference in between me and the much of the black community in the US is that I don’t get bitter; I get better.

There are a number of Black people in the U.S. that have done exactly the same, because they have realized what is really plaguing the black community right about now. It’s not police brutality, nor is it systemic racism. I used to be a believer in systemic racism existed in the US, but I don’t anymore. And it was these black people that changed my mind. Yet their voices are often being drowned by the constant media narrative.

Candace Owens is one such person and she created a great video describing the current issue.. I encourage people to watch it before Facebook takes it down. I’m sorry to say that Social media is heavily censored these days and biased towards a particular narrative. If a certain video against their narrative gains traction, it will not stay on air for long. So please watch it..

What Candace is saying is not wrong. A few months ago.. there was a BLM protest, where a woman was claiming justice for her brother. The wanted the person that killed her brother to be brought to justice. What the woman or BLM did not say is that her brother was shot by a scared elderly Asian lady; while he and two of his friends were in her house to rob the place. Fortunately, CCTV in her home recorded the whole incident. When confronted by the scared woman, the man charged towards her and attempted to strike her down. At that moment, he was shot. His friends hear it and split the scene leaving him behind. This video was shown by only one news channel.
Had the poor lady died in the incident, no one would have heard about it. That is why I don’t support the BLM.

Here are some more videos are here for you. The reason for me sharing these videos here is because they are more articulate than I am. And these are Black voices that need to be heard.

I congratulate Dave Rubin on doing stellar work in trying to make these voices heard. This is true journalistic integrity and I want to see more of it in the mainstream media.

These videos need to be shared over and over. I’m tired of opening my social media feeds and seeing the awful one sided narrative and violence. I am tired of seeing good people and good friends fooled by the media’s narrative. Here are Black people, who are giving you the truth. I can’t stress this enough. Seeing the news, the protests are becoming less and less about police brutality or racism and more about disrupting the economy, the neighborhoods, etc. The excuse is speaking and acting out against racism or Police brutality towards black community, but there just seems to be a more ulterior motive at work.

Please feel free to share this, because no matter how much the truth hurts, it needs to be heard.

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