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Corona Chronicles – Be Still… ( a compliment to A Desert of Green)

Those familiar to my blog will know that I am a follower of a great blog called, Beauty Beyond Bones.

The beautiful Caralyn, is certainly great in documenting her life, her recovery from anorexia and her relationship with God. Again, I do encourage you guys to give her a follow.

Now back to the point of this article. Caralyn recenty released an article called A Desert Of Green. I encourage you all to give that a read before going further…

Done?… Well… if you have read the article, you will understand that she was talking about battling restlessness of being in quarantine this whole time.

Her article ended with a reflection on an iconic piece of scripture, Psalms 23.

I say Amen to that. However during this time, I actually have a different scripture in mind – Psalms 46:10.. “Be still and know that I am God.”

This situation with Covid-19, has certainly tested the patience of us all. Quarantine madness has even set in. 😛 😛

When quarantine madness hits and you need a haircut.

Ever noticed toddlers? Their parents tell them, “be still. Don’t move.” But you still see them dancing in place, twiddling their fingers, etc. – they just can’t. They can’t sit still.

I remember a good sermon in which the lesson was based on the life of Abraham and Isaac.
In both instances, there was a famine in the land of Canaan and God told Abraham to stay (Genesis 12 – 13). But Abraham didn’t and came down to Egypt. Sarah was beautiful and so worried about his safety, Abraham told the Pharaoh that she was his sister. And Pharaoh took her to be his wife, gave Abraham many gifts and then it became an almighty mess with diseases and stuff. God intervened by directly talking to Pharaoh.

Abraham’s disobedience and lack of faith nearly destroyed the whole nation of Egypt.

I would point this out to Abraham’s restlessness and not trusting God. Had he remained in Canaan, none of this would have happened and he would have still been blessed. But rather, he took matters into his own hands, then even didn’t trust God for protection and told a lie to save his neck – nearly destroying an innocent nation in the process. Yes folks.. this is the man we are calling as the father of our faith.

His son Isaac was no better and did the same thing to the Philistines. Like father, like son. eh?..

This is one thing about the bible that convinces me that it is the truth and the word of God. It doesn’t hide the mistakes and flaws of the heroes of our faith.

Back to the message.. In this quarantine time, battling with my own restlessness, as mentioned before, Psalm 46 to my mind – especially verse 10: “Be still and know that I am God.”

With our season of Easter over, today is second day of Ramadan for the Muslims. As result, Dubai has fortunately relaxed its movement restrictions and curfews. But the government is keeping an eye out and encourages us to still stay home as much as possible to avoid any further issues. So far one area in Dubai has been identified as the hub of cases here in Dubai and most of that particular area has been blocked off with check points – like our own little Chernobyl.

I for one cannot wait until this mess is over and behind us. But you can be certain that it will be something that  the world will be a different place coming out of it.

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