Life in Dubai

Surviving Covid-19

I’ll be honest. I never thought that I would be here, in this position; working from home, stranded with nowhere to go, etc., quarantined from the rest of the world and society. 

Compared to many other parts of the world, I would say that it is not that bad. For one, we still have toilet paper in the shops. LOL

Let’s be honest, I’m sure that many people aren’t clued up on the whole Corona / Covid-19 thing. I’ll be honest.. the first time someone asked me how the Corona was treating me, I said, “I’m not a fan of Toyotas.”

(I’m a petrol-head)

So in actual terms, why are we here?.. Why did this become such a huge issue?

Well for the most part, I blame the mainstream media & social media pages. During the initial phase of the virus, rather than giving the public actual information, they focused on rumors, panic scenarios, etc. They focused on causing public panic, so they can then report on the public panicking – basically creating news. 

So all we got were memes, jokes, racial comments against the Chinese; who mind you have been eating all this weird stuff long before most of us were even born. 

So does this mean that Corona is not as dangerous as they would have us believe?

Yes and No… In terms of deaths or lives lost, at this point, Covid-19 still lags behind H1N1, SARS and even the common flu.
So why is this a pandemic? Because of how contagious it is. 

The truth is that Corona is dangerous, but no more dangerous than the normal flu virus. The normal flu virus has killed more people. However the virus is more contagious than the normal flu virus. So a person with a good immune system, will not be in danger, but the person can easily carry the disease to others and that is where the problem is. That is where the danger is. The Elderly people and children are the ones who are at the most risk. 

Of course viruses change over time and can become more dangerous. I have heard news that the virus is now airborne and can stay without a host for 8 hours. That is a long time and enough time to infect thousands of people.

So who is to blame for this?.. The guy who went to China to eat Bat Soup?…
No.. the blame lies firstly with the Chinese government who weren’t forth coming with information as usual and then with the media for much of the miss information and other governments in not taking swift actions in time. Considering that they were mostly basing their decisions off of what they received from the Chinese government, then you can understand. 

All of this was poorly managed, poorly handled and (not to repeat rumors) possibly on purpose. 

Another area of blame can be with certain individuals who blatantly disobey the advices of health experts and put others at risk. 

Had the world gone into self quarantine for 2 weeks when this whole thing started, there is a strong possibility we would not be here. This would have been history.

But.. we’re here… So what has it been like? Well, governments, businesses and people personally have been hit hard with this. Over here in Dubai, most people have to work from home. There is a curfew from 8PM to 6AM the next day every night. This is so that the government can sterilize all public areas. Announcements of salary cuts, redundancies, unpaid leave… everyone has to make sacrifices. 

 Fortunately for me, it is hard for me to do my job from home. Actually, currently with no one being able to enter or leave the country, my usefulness is more like uselessness. 

What does this mean being a Christian?

Well, God is not silent in all of this. He never was. As a Christian, I should stand on the promises made to me through His word.
In reality, I don’t lose anything by this virus situation. Should I live through it, I win. Should I die, I still win. For a Christian, death is merely the beginning of an eternity with our Lord. Why should I fear?

Covid-19 only wins when we choose to live in fear of it. Does it mean that I should not take any precautions?.. No.. I should take precautions, but not with fear being my motive. My motive should be to do my part to get us through this.

No matter what… I believe the world will survive Covid-19 and we will be all the better for it. 


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