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Jason’s Wedding – A Good Day

Sorry for the hiatus. Today was a momentous day in our family.

After a many up and downs in the relationship world, my brother finally got married to a really awesome person.
They decided on a small ceremony at the Sri Lankan Embassy here in United Arab Emirates, followed by a lunch buffet; surrounded by family and close friends. Yup, it was just a party of 12 and we had a really good time interacting with one another and joking.

It made me actually wonder, what makes the wedding day special. Now I am not against the established process of a large wedding. I am sure that there are many ladies who have been planning their wedding day since childhood; dreaming of being married to Prince Charming.
But often in such large scale weddings, often there are things that can go wrong and it is usually a day filled with, joy, happiness and even much stress; with all the planning.
Often it is a time when you get to meet relatives you didn’t even know you had.

Made me think that in the eventuality of me tying the knot, I would like to have a something small and special as well. But if my bride would prefer to have a larger wedding, then I wouldn’t say no as well.
Well… let’s not get a head of ourselves. I first need to find the fiance and the search is still a process. Sure that are a number of candidates, but nothing concrete as of yet.

That’s all for now and here are the pictures.


From left: My sister – Joanna, my brother – Jonathan, the groom – Jason, the bride – Rochelle, My mother – Susan, & me..

Yes… I know… I look old & fat. 😛

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