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WAKE UP PARENTS! Not Just Weight Watchers.

A couple of days ago, Caralyn posted a video response to a story about a weight loss program for children. Please do give it a view and share it… This message needs to be shared.

WAKE UP Weight Watchers!

Why am I sharing this?… Because it reminded me of something else I saw and I need to get off my chest as well.

The other day I saw a trailer to a reality tv show that I could not believe is actually something that people would even want to watch on tv. But it shows any ‘monster’ would exploit anything for good ratings. Yes.. I called them monsters because anyone who would do such a thing should be called so…
So what was it? What was the show about? Beauty pageants for little girls.

Now I’m not against beauty pageants. I have friends who were participants and they expressed how it was an amazing experience for them. However I do believe that taking part in such a thing should be a healthy rational decision made my the individual herself; when she is at the age to understand what it is and completely understands what it requires of her.

But these little girls?!.. I mean little girls.. some girls could barely walk in a straight line and here they were being dolled up like Barbies and paraded on stage, dazed, confused and loaded with makeup.
And who were pushing these little innocents? Who were behind this?… Their parents, specifically the large, heavily over weight mothers; who are clearly living out their own fantasies through their daughters IMO.
As a result some of the girls are heavily influenced and obsessed with their appearance and even have become snobby divas. Some even have undergone surgery.. yes folks.. botox on a little girl. It’s happening.
My mom saw the program for a bit and every time a little girl threw a tantrum, she said, “If she was my daughter I would have given her Thundering Slap”. A “Thundering slap” is Sri Lankan speak for a slap across your face so hard, your ears would be ringing till next Tuesday. As the recipient of many such slaps, I know what I’m talking about. If only Beethoven could’ve heard the symphonies composed in my ears.

Back to the TV show. Clearly this should be classified as bad parenting to the highest level. And what kind of people would want to air this on international television? What were they thinking? Growing their pedophile audience..? You know what sort of people would enjoy such tv… #Disgusting.

When it comes to Caralyn’s video, I mentioned this in a reply when she first tweeted about this. I’m an observer; watching parents over and over again over-feed their children, give into their gluttonous tantrums for junk food, etc. As a result you have children suffering with health issues, self image issues, etc.

I get upset when I see over weight children because I know their parents aren’t even thinking correctly. A fat child isn’t a healthy child. Nor is an overly skinny one. The point is… Keep your child healthy.

When I was a kid, I was extremely skinny. But I was healthy. I ate what I wanted, but my parents made sure I ate healthy.

All my mother did to get us to eat our greens was convince us that all greens were different kinds of Spinach and we wanted to be strong like Popeye. Of course a cartoon character like Popeye isn’t really called “appropriate for children” anymore because he smokes a pipe. Don’t want to encourage smoking. Welcome to the level of media we have today. We can’t show a cartoon character smoking a pipe, but we can show a confused dolled up toddler throwing a tantrum every time she doesn’t win. #ImRantingAgain

Of course, if Popeye didn’t work, any refusal to eat our vegetables resulted in “Thundering Slaps”.

The up coming generation is going to be a pretty messed up one, because most adults are pretty messed up and refuse to acknowledge it.

What am I getting at? We can clearly see where the world is going wrong right now and how messed up it really is. And its not stopping there. Its trying to infect its insanity into little children as well. Everything is about image and without even thinking about it, we’re pushing the agenda that self image is more important. Being beautiful on the outside is more important.
Its come to a point where a child is being told, “You want to be cheerleader, you need to be thin so you’d look good in the uniform. So that is why you should eat healthy and exercise. Being thin is better.” This is the motive we’re pushing on children.
Wouldn’t it be better to say, “You want to be a cheerleader?.. Then you should eat healthy vegetables and get plenty of exercise so that you can perform all the jumps and cheers”.

Don’t sell image.. Sell health. Children don’t need weight loss programs. They can lose the weight easy with their high metabolism, etc. That is just another scam if you ask me. Children don’t need to be thin.. they just need to be healthy.

Children also don’t need to be sold glamor – that they can be the next Miley Cyrus or Miss Universe. Encouraging your child’s gifts is one thing. But Parents should stop. Stop trying to convince your child that glamor and fame is everything. Stop trying to take away the one thing that a child seriously needs at his/her age – a childhood.


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