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Thinking About Dvorak Again

Chances are that if you’re reading this, then you are no doubt interested in keyboards and keyboard layouts.. Or, you have been a follower of this blog.

Those who use a computer a lot, or a smartphone or any device with keyboard, will know what I mean when I say QWERTY. In fact I recall Blackberries putting that as a feature in their phones back in the day.

Looking down on your keyboard most people would say that their QWERTY typing is just fine and they get along with it easily. So most people would not even consider or even know that there is any other layout that makes typing much more easier.

With that in mind, I’m looking switching over to Dvorak. It is a great layout. There is another called Colemak. I’ve been down this road before. Ended up on Colemak for two years and then switched back to standard QWERTY. You can read about that here.

Colemak vs Dvorak – So Hard To Make A Decision

Your Keyboard & You. I’ll Stick With Colemak

Good Bye Colemak… It’s Been Fun

It has been a while with QWERTY and I’m still struggling to pass the 40WPM mark. I did feel myself faster on Dvorak and I know that typing was far more comfortable.

However apart from typing, there are other things that the keyboard is used for. Gamers use the WASD. There are keyboard shortcuts as well to take into consideration. On Dvorak this is an issue but it doesn’t have to be. Colemak makes this far better. Having said that, I’m not a gamer so it wouldn’t be much an issue for me and I have my own take on using shortcuts with Dvorak; which tends to be slightly slower but quite comfortable – better for the fingers than QWERTY IMO.

Taking all that into consideration, a more proficient computer user that uses shortcuts a lot will benefit from sticking with QWERTY.

All in all, QWERTY is good. I’m able to type at 30 – 40 WPM and get my work done. But I’m still wondering if Dvorak would be a better fit to make my typing faster, more comfortable and even more so – healthier for my hands.


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