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Sri Lankan Easter 2019 – Unexpected Nightmare

More than Christmas, for true Christians, Easter is the real cause for celebration. It is the very essence of Christianity. The fact that Christ himself took on the burdens of the world, etc.
I won’t get into that right now. God only knows I could probably go on forever and you guys don’t want that.

Anyways… as many of you would have heard, there were a series of bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. Being a Sri Lankan, it sort of comes close to home as one of the churches hit, was one that I personally walked past many times; whilst on my way to a visit a relative.

Living many miles away in the land of the Sun, Sand & Sea, you can imagine the amount of queries and questions that I got from concerned friends and co-workers. All Thanks to God, all my relatives are fine. None were affected.

I’m not going to show pictures and videos as there’s plenty of that online. Just do a web search.  By publishing it and bringing it to the forefront, we’re only advancing the culprit’s fame. That’s the last thing that I want.

The attacks were claimed by Islamist extremists and you actually have to ask why in a predominantly Buddhist country, did they attack churches and hotels and not temples? I would have to say that it is to terrorize the community and ruin the largest part of the Sri Lankan economy – Tourism.

For those of you who have been to the island, you will know how beautiful and diverse it is. It is a major holiday destination. Tourism is big business there.

As a result, I want to make a note to all the Sri Lankan nationals around the world. It would be easy, but we should not treat Muslims differently because of this. That would be completely and utterly wrong. Living in a Muslim country myself, I know many Muslim people; who do not agree with their extremist beliefs. I’m sure that if you were to ask the Muslim people in your own neighborhoods, they would say its horrible themselves. Terrorism is all about Terrorism. It doesn’t matter if you’re Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, etc. These attacks are only wearing the mask of religion.

This calls for a nation to be united regardless of religious or racial background, to stand as one and eradicate this group, not because of their religious beliefs, but because of their willingness to kill innocent people for their own cause. Its not Godly, its not Holy… It’s just pure Evil.


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