Dating – What am I looking for?

It’s Valentines Day, and I’m still alone as always.

Sadly all the apps have not worked for me. It’s frustrating to say the least. X number of years on Tinder and not a single match. By contrast, my friend comes to my house, we get to talking and he gets 10 matches in a span of 30 minutes and within an hour, he’s got 3 dates lined up for the week.

Even approaching someone at a bar / social gathering has not worked out. I’ve come to realize that my skin color and ethnicity is possibly a severe hinderance. To my readers and followers, I don’t know how it works where you are, but I find that beautiful girls in Dubai are pretty much snobs when it comes to the kind of person they want to date. They’re looking for just one kind of person.
I’m pretty much convinced that the only person who would be interested in me looks like a boiled horse with the personality of a pineapple. So far haven’t met her either; well.. not one that I would consider dating.

I decided that if those women weren’t going to lower their standards, neither would I. I’m not going to get desperate and just settle; if it’s not what I truly want.
In discussing “wants”, life often gives us the things we want in ways we don’t expect it. Hence, it is so easy to miss it. Queue this story…

Since I’m a Christian, I always need to bring God into the mix. God always gives us what we “need”, rarely what we “want”. It’s obvious because He created us and knows us more better than we know ourselves. Rushing into something outside of His will only leads to heartache.
So the answer seems simple.. Leave it to God and let Him bring the right person to us. We should stop all this dating malarkey .. right?
Well.. Yes and No.

Being a Christian can be a little frustrating as well. According to most Christian guidance counsellors, I should just give it to God and forget about it. God will do the rest.
You see, I do have reservations of letting someone else have the say with whom I will end up with. It’s like having an “Arranged marriage”.

And what if God’s plan for my life does not include anyone else? Do I just accept a life full of lonely valentines?

Nay I say.. Nay..
I’ve come to realize God does expect us to do a little bit of work ourselves. There’s a famous saying my parents always use, “God helps those who help themselves”.

With my age and all these thoughts, it is easy to get desperate. 3 -4 years ago, I did this…

Looking back there is hope on the horizon.

But I do have to ask advice. You see, being on these sites is like being on an episode of “The Bachelor”. It’s been 3 or more years, talking to various women online through dating sites and I’m feeling a little more lost than when I started.
Now I have 10 different women who seem sure that they want to be with me. They are beautiful in so many different ways, their personalities are so similar, yet unique. Each one would make an amazing life partner, but, I have to choose one. As I get fo know them, making a choice gets harder day by day.
I’ve been completely honest. Rather than leading them on, I’ve been open in saying that I am talking to 10 ladies and I can only consider a serious committed relationship after a real face to face meeting; with each and every one of them.

I’ve decided that since I have been talking to 10 different ladies, it’s only fair that I meet all 10 different ladies. Everyone deserves a fair chance at a meeting (one on one); regardless of how the ladies feel about it.
I make it a point to mention that this is not a contest and rather than get into a cycle of dating and dumping, I prefer to choose once and choose well. I’m not looking to hurt anyone, but what does scare me is that in some cases, it’s an eventuality I cannot escape.

I’m sure the girls have their reservations too and they are free to walk away anytime they wish. They too have the freedom of choice and I make sure to respect that.

I’m hoping to make a trip to the Ukraine in May or June and personally, I hope that it is more successful than my last attempt.


Then and only then can I say whether or not I will be spending the next Valentine’s Day alone.


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