Girl Trouble

The Hitchhiker

I know I have not been writing much the past few months. To be honest, I did not find anything worthy to note of the mundane life that is my own. But the brief events of yesterday have me puzzled and wondering. Perhaps it is nothing. Perhaps it is not. But I will leave that to you, my readers.

We always tell children that hitchhiking is dangerous. After all, you do not know who is this person that is going to give you a ride. The same goes for the driver. I mean, you do not know if the person you are giving a ride to is a some sort of serial killer or not.. 😛

Morning, we had an aunt visiting and myself, my mother and my sister had just returned home after saying our GoodByes at the airport. I had to go back to work and so after dropping off my mom and my sister, I was making a move. Around about the same time, there was a young Arab lady, walking past our place. When I got back in my vehicle, I looked around and saw that she was standing at the side of the road. Seemed like she was waiting for a taxi. As I was passing by, she hailed for me to stop.

Alright.. As a guy, when you see a young woman at the side of the road, hitchhiking, male instinct is to aid a damsel in distress. Most of the time, it is just an innocent situation where you’re just being a good samaritan.
I stopped.. She asked me if I could drop her off somewhere since there were no cabs around. Her destination was on  my way (with an additional 2 minute detour), so I agreed.
She got in and immediately became really chatty. She was proding with questions about my marital status, who the two ladies I was with, etc. I didn’t think personal information was required. She did claimed we were neighbours and asked for my number so I saw no harm in being neighbourly.

In the conversation there was a constant recurring phrase, “We’ll be friends, Okay..?” My initial answer was, “I’m everyone’s friend.” After that, I just kept silent every time that phrase popped up. The more she repeated it, the more it sounded like an order than a polite request. I didn’t think much of it at the time. At first I thought she was nervous but she seemed so confident in her behaviour that it seemed like this was not the first time she had hitchhiked.
As she was getting off, she asked what were my plans for the day. I said, “work at the office” and then we parted ways. I thought that was the end of it and I would probably not hear from her again.

Later on, in the evening, I was settling in front of my computer to watch a few episodes of “Murder She Wrote” and read emails. At that moment, my phone rang and she was on the line. She said wanted to see me and that she wanted us to go out for tea.
Honestly I had a busy day at work and I was pretty tired. I said so, to which her reply was, “But we are friends and I need to see you. I have to see you now. You come out, start your car and wait for me. We’ll go for tea. Okay?!” (direct quote). Her tone was pretty insistent.

Again I politely declined say that I was just being a good neighbour in giving her a ride and that I was tired after work and had no intention of going anywhere. She said “OK” and cut the line. Her tone sounded rather disappointed.

Honestly, the more I thought about what had just happened, I am a little puzzled. Did I do something wrong? Why was she so insistent? What were her expectations, etc.?  Maybe I miss something? Did I give her the wrong impression? Was I rude?…
So this is where this article is going to get interactive. I need a little bit of audience participation; just for my own knowledge. I know that I am no expert on the workings of the female mind so I invite my readers to give me any kind of insight. Comments are welcome. If I did something wrong, you can let me know.
I just found the whole thing rather weird and my hope is that I didn’t come across as being overly rude and hurt her feelings.

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