When Life Knocks You Down, Learn From It Before Moving Forward

Sarah Warsi

Eat Right written in vegetables

This past week was a bit challenging to say the least. I spent the better part of the week fighting a hurricane inside my stomach. Not fun. Yet at the same time, I underwent an unexpected, yet much needed transformation.

All this time, I was grossly taking for granted what I was eating and at which times of the day I was consuming food. I would eat anything and everything at any given time of the day. I’ve also had this very unhealthy habit of pigging out on dill pickle chips because I’m basically addicted to them and then dismissing the stomach aches that would ensue after eating too much.

Well all of that changed last week when I had the worst possible night of stomach issues and my body basically telling me, “Ok Sarah, enough is enough, apparently you need to learn the hard way” and boy…

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