The Query Psalm


When you came to me in the wasted land I was at the door of death,
And you stooped low and, face to face, breathed on me your breath,
But I was so utterly weary I didn’t even know what you were doing,
So I heard the sound of your voice as you lifted me from the ground,
Telling me all would be alright as you walked on through the night;
And I could scarcely comprehend, but you did not reprimand me;
We only travelled on and then I only remember awakening one day,
Lying in green pastures with the serene stream gurgling nearby me,
And you were there, so near and dear, tenderly tending my wounds,
And later I was able to eat and drink and stand on my very own feet,
And you smiled wide, embraced me, and I could feel your heart beat;
Then I looked around…

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