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Hookup Culture – Let’s Talk.

Recently, a friend of mine, Tiffany, posted an article  – How I really feel about hookup culture
While excellently written as all of her articles are, I felt inspired that I should share my own thoughts on the matter.

In this world of ours, there are 3 things that all living things on this world do – Feed, Rest & Reproduce. However I believe that in this world, humans are the only ones who have sex for the sake of well.. sex. While the act of sex was created by God for the purpose of reproduction, since the dawn of creation, for humans, sex is seen as far more than that – an act of pleasure.

Fast forward to present day, our world and society is driven by pleasure. Getting the most amount of life, simply means doing what makes you happy as much as possible. So it stands to reason that these days, sex is just a casual thing that makes us happy. For the most part, it appears that our society is driven by it as well.

Being sexual beings as we are, we do look to satisfy our urges – generally leading to hookups and one night stands. This may be more popular in certain cultures than in others, but I think more often the case, it is seen as the norm.
Those of who do not are seen as old fashioned.

I’ve never really looked at the “One Night Stand” or “Hookup” as a really good thing. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I always believed sex is something sacred and special in between two people. Being the Christian guy, it is also something that was instituted by God to be in between man and wife.

God only knows that my own efforts in meeting or dating women hasn’t worked out at all. Tinder is a complete bust. Been on it and haven’t had a single match. Hard to believe?… Well its true.
I have a friend whom I introduced to Tinder. He’s been on countless dates and has hooked up with many women. Strange thing is that his profile says, “No ONS & Hookups” and that is exactly what he does with them.
Even more stranger when you see the ladies’ profiles – “No Hookups please..”

Does seem that the nice guy really does finish last and alone. Being the kind of person I am, there are times when I think why can’t I just be the guy who randomly hooks up with girls. I look at those “Barney Stinson“s and wonder if I am missing out. Perhaps I am or Maybe not… Maybe I am the guy who respects women too much to treat them like that.

OR Just maybe I am the person who wants only to be with that one special someone in his life; because that’s what makes life truly “legen—wait for it—dary!”


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