A Forced Vacation

An extended weekend. For the next 7 days, I’m going to be at home. Why? Well.. after not having much of a vacation these past couple of years, due to the number of work, the company has decided that I do need to take leave. I have accumulated quite a bit. According to the current leave policy, if I do not use the leave within the next two weeks, I stand to forfeit it. So rather than see me loose the days, my generous boss decided I have to take it; whether I like or not. I would have much liked to take it at a later date at a time of my choosing, but rules are rules.

So what can I do to pass the time at home? Well, I do not know. Perhaps I could write a book, or learn a language. The most well rounded people are those who utilize their spare time in doing something the brings a sense of accomplishment. However whatever you choose to do, you need to have an interest or a passion to do. For most, it is travelling; others, it is a special hobby.

I do not know what what I will do, but I know that I will make the best use of the time that I have.

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