A Dubai Christmas


What is it about this season that brings out the good in people. Stories of Scrooge, hearts changing, etc., adorn our media; bringing with them warm sensations that this is the season for miracles.

While we believe that this season has traditions which has its roots from western, Christian culture, its magic is felt the world over. Over here in Dubai, because much of the population are expats, you find stores, malls, adorned with lights and decorations for the holiday. We even have Santa Claus make an appearance.

582c1b5c55dd46010bcb454aefdd7106Sure, this is all the Commerical aspect of the season. Oh how often do we forget the real reason for the season – Christ Himself.
One can go on and on about this. But this is not what this article is about.

Walking around the mall, I am amazed at how this season is enjoyed by those who are not the Christian faith. Even the local Emirati population get into the spirit of things. They too enjoy the festivities. This in essence is what Christmas truly should do; bring people together.

So this is my wish; this holiday season. Regardless of your faith, your belief, your cast, your creed – Come. Enjoy it with us. Celebrate with us. For Christ didn’t come for us Christians alone. He came for us all.

So to everyone in Dubai and all over the world, Merry Christmas.

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