Sam Walton: The Most Successful Businessman Who Ever Lived

Vincent Carlos

When it comes to the founder of Walmart Sam Walton’s autobiography, “Sam Walton: Made in America,” it makes me realize just how many people misprioritize what they read in life.

There are millions of people in the world who all wish to start a business and many more who want to make a living doing something that they love.

And in pursuit of this goal, people will spend $100,000 just to get an MBA at Harvard. They’ll spend thousands of dollars to attend a seminar and they’ll spend even more trying to go to every business conference they can.

But what they don’t choose to do however, is read a $5 book written by Sam Walton, who is by all measures arguably the most successful businessman who ever lived.

Throughout his entire life, business experts and money managers praised Sam Walton and his ability to succeed.

In 1980, a panel…

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