late July…

Marina Kanavaki

I think I heard somewhere: “never plan ahead”…
This was going to be a follow up post to RUBY SEVEN
Alas! Life had other plans!
July has been [still is] an overwhelmingly eventful month.
I’ll stick to the joyful part in the form of the following tiled mosaic of photos.
A new member in our family:
Hera  [Ηρα]
A 2yr old rescue pitbull/staffie, adopted from a shelter [Pitbull-Rescue].
All I’ll say is, we are ever grateful to these people who rescued her [γιωτα μπρακουματσουDread DillaGiwrgos KolionasiosPitbull Rescue] and for bringing instant joy to our lives.
In the photo gallery below, Hera is surrounded by various products with my ‘Ruby Seven’ illustration. Today Free Shipping is offered, worldwide, at my art shop. Check it out here:Marina@Society6

Happy Sunday and last day of July everyone!

Hopefully, August illustration will be on…

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