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To those following my blog, you’d wonder why I haven’t posted anything of my own in a long time. Well, there is a reason for that. I would not describe my current blogging state as “Writer’s Block”.. Ramadan was just over.. Living in the country of selfish arrogant idiots, you’d think I have no shortage of things to write about. You’re absolutely right. I have no shortage topics. But the truth is, what I was about to share in my blog isn’t something that hasn’t already been ranted about at length.. Of course there are more details risen to light, but the premises are the same. Besides, do you really want to hear me rant about idiots in traffic. Some times I would get so worked up about something, deciding then and there to rant at length online; only minutes later, I’d be distracted about something else and forget what it is that I was supposed to write about.

Maybe I am too easily distracted. You might wonder whether I take my blogging seriously. To be honest, starting this blog was just a place for me to vent my thoughts. Now I’m feeling like I have nothing really interesting to share lately. My days seem pretty mundane.

I could share about what is new with the Russian dating site and Ukrainian ladies, but I guess followers of my blog would be tired of hearing about that too. 😛

I will be sharing something soon. I am working on a couple of articles in my head. To my loyal followers, please me be patient with me.

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