It's just Me...

The Serenity Prayer

1783827It has been a while since I posted anything related to me and bear with me, this will be brief.

I honestly do not know if my readers would enjoy another article on Russian women or another rant about life in Dubai.

There are certain topics that are in mind and perhaps in the works, but truthfully they’re really nothing that I haven’t ranted about in length before. Frankly daily life is just proving to me more and more frustrating as my own sense of justice keeps getting assaulted; constantly on a daily basis.

I have posted before on issues I have with anger. It is one of my many flaws and to be honest, I grow increasing weary of being the good guy and remaining calm in every situation. While my usual demeanor is rather calm and collected, you’d never know the storm that is raging inside me at the very same moment.

It feels hypocritical at times to behave so calmly; wanting so much to rip the throat out of the guy who intentionally cuts in front of people causing blocks in traffic, just because he feels he’s too good to queue up with everyone else.

I would probably elaborate on that further in another post. But for now I’m just praying for serenity and hoping that I will not loose my mind; waiting for the answer.

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