Go For No: Why You Have To Fail In Order To Succeed

Vincent Carlos

According to insurance industry statistics, if you took 100 people when they were young and observed them as they got older, you would find that by the time they turn 65, only 1 would be rich.

4 would be financially independent.

18 would have already died.

5 will still be working.

And a staggering 72 will be broke, having to be dependent on pensions, friends, relatives, government or charity in order to survive.

After a life time of work, only 5 out of 100 people become financially successful.

Why is it that out of 100 people, 95% fail? It’s because ironically, the people who get in the top 5% are usually the people who failed the most.

In the book “Go For No,” Richard Fenton says,

“Failing… and becoming a failure… are two very different things. Successful people fail eagerly while failures avoid failing.”

Statistically, 70% of people will quit after failing once…

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