Treason of the heart in perfect season
For reason known only to the pure soul
Cleansed from stain by a graceful rain
Freed from the chain of wicked strain,
Washed of the stain of vain rebellion,
Free to be, to see and eat of the Tree,
Casting off the fetter for better life
On this plane in a sane frame of mind;
Clear Voice now to hear without a fear;
An overthrow blow to the ruling powers
To now flow in liberty hitherto unknown,
To bid farewell to hell to no more sell
One soul for parcel of peace in lease
Of mere existence for a day in the way
Of lies that fly from the Enemy bound
To hound the spirit of all who crawl
Upon this earth far from glory’s hearth;
We now know our worth in love from above
As we love because we first were loved…

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