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Is Apple the New Microsoft?

apple-vs-microsoftIt has been a while since I posted anything tech related or geeky. 😛

Recently came across this article written by Jens entitled – Is Apple The New Microsoft?.
As I read it, I felt it a heartfelt question that many of us techno-geeks should  ask ourselves; inclusive of Apple fanboys. So, is Apple turning themselves into the new Microsoft…?
There is a growing percentage of people who believe that Apple is not what it used to be – an innovator.
However the bigger question that is being asked is whether Apple ever innovated anything at all. I’ll let Steve answer that… 😛

As said earlier, there are those who believe that Apple is an innovator. Truthfully, Apple’s biggest innovation is its vision on what the future would be. They take great ideas and what they perceive to be the next big thing and then make it the next big thing. For instance, the idea of going to one place and downloading all your software was there in Linux distros; they called them package managers and repositories. Apple just took it and made it an App Store. Now everyone needs an App Store. I’m sure you get the point.

Are they the new Microsoft?
Well that depends on how to you see it and how you are going to phrase the question.
Some people talk about it in a way that they are locked into an ecosystem. In the Windows environment of old, you often felt that you had to be plugged into its ecosystem to get anything done. Now with Apple products it sometimes feels the same way.
Others talk about it in the sense of Apple’s products not working as well as advertised – something us most of us ex-Windows users know well of.

For the moment, yes, Apple seems to be focusing on getting products out rather than the whole user experience. Or another way to look at it is that Apple is trying to simplify the user experience so much that in the end is making a complete, complex hash of it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – for most of the users in this world, it really does not matter what operating system you use. Most of us, just use a computer for the basic stuff. Spreadsheets, presentations, email, web-surfing, word-processing. That is about it. So any modern operating system is able to do that for us, some more better than others. All rely on good 3rd party applications to perform these tasks.
Having said that I do cringe whenever I hear about anyone trying to put Windows on a Mac. LOL. (I’m such an Apple Fanboy.. :P)
I know the merits and demerits of all the major operating systems. I use a Windows workstation at work, my Hackintosh at home and a Linux file server at home – housing all my data. Having said that, I would not use Windows on my personal machines. I’ve had issues that just made me run all the way to the Mac side. It was a relief.
Jens describes his reasons for switching to Apple; strangely enough for me to think that I’m looking in a mirror. Yes. My reasons for switching were exactly the same.
However I do have friends who are on the opposite side of the spectrum. One switched from Apple to Windows… can’t see why, but he has his reasons and I respect him for it.

Getting to the topic at hand, where us fanboys see Apple moving to, doesn’t make some of us happy. It appears that they are loosing the vision and their focus is on mobile devices and platforms. Perhaps it is a good thing. Maybe it is not. I do not know. Many see the ordinary desktops and laptops as something that will be obsolete in the future. But that is a topic for another article.

Although I am not fan of Apple’s overall direction at the moment, I can see they are doing something. I’ll just continue to be a user and hope for the best.

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