Why “The Successful Person Is The Disciplined Person” Is A Lie

Vincent Carlos

Contrary to what most people think, success isn’t the result of constant discipline every single day. Instead, success only requires you to be disciplined for just a short amount of time until the power of habit comes in and begins to take over.

When we think of waking up early every day, writing every day, or going for a run every day, we often think that in order to do that, all we need is more discipline. When actually, all we need is the habit of doing it.

In the book “The One Thing,” Gary Keller, founder of the largest real estate company in the world, says,

“When you discipline yourself, you’re essentially training yourself to act in a specific way. Stay with this long enough and it becomes routine – in other words, a habit. So when you see people who look like “disciplined” people, what you’re really seeing is people who’ve trained a handful of habits into…

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