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A Day to Remember

admiralsmansion1-590x369Mid morning on one of the most beautiful days ever. A stately mansion with a large grassy courtyard by the seaside. Largely resembling the presidential White House in the U.S., I have no idea where I am, but the suns rays hit its shiny walls to the point of that its shiny makes it almost translucent….
The sky is clearer and bluer than I’ve ever seen it and the grass is greener here than on the other guys lawn. What a day to be get married. Yes… I’m getting married.

I’m in my room, just about to start getting ready for the ceremony. My friends come into the room. They all tell me that my bride to be looks so beautiful. Hearing their words I feel even more nervous; even a little unworthy. Anyhow, they leave the room to allow me to change, etc.. Then my mother comes into the room. She greets me and then says that there is something wrong with the flowers for one of the bridesmaids and that I need to head down the flower store and sort it out. I point out that either of my brothers or my father are capable of handling that, but she insists that I have to be one otherwise it wouldn’t match, etc… After a few minutes of trying to explain to her that this is an important day for me and that I have to start getting ready. But in the end, I left to do it.

I come back into the room after sorting out the flower issue, only for her to come back into the room and say that someone has fallen and I need to drive that person to the hospital. Another argument ensues and but in the end, again she wins the battle. I head out again….
I return to the room now and I’m about to head into the washroom when my sister walks rushes and tells me that my mother is calling me to come down to the kitchen… I roll my eyes and head out again.
In the timeline of 3 hours, so many things and niggles go wrong which in the end, is left to me to solve. This is quickly turning into a some sort of nightmare. Oh… Did I mention that one corner of the dinning room catches on fire?… well yeah.. guess who has to go and make sure all that is sorted out..?

b4b589505561c102a7216299007f3d56Where is the bride in all of this? Well there is the bigger issue. I don’t know whom I’m getting married to. This isn’t an arranged marriage or anything of the sort. I know that it is someone whom I’m completely in love with and would go to the ends of the earth for; its just that I don’t know who it is… yet..

There is big reason for all of the above and this will probably make sense when I tell you; what I’ve described so far is a dream. Nothing more than a dream. It is a dream that has occurred twice in my life, both with the added fact that I have no idea whom I’m getting married to.

Who is the bride? Even her name isn’t mentioned. All the people in my dream refer to her as.. well “Her” or “She”… I’m pretty glad about that. At least I’m not gay. 😛
I’m not going to be overly analytical about this dream. I don’t even want to dream it again. However the mystery intrigued me. Who could it be?
My mind has played tricks with me before. I find myself seeing all the stuff through just to get to the alter to see who it is; willing and braving the storms of nuisances, irritations. Every time I’m just there and they are about to play the “Here comes the bride..”, my alarm goes off and I’m awake; unable to go back to the point. Its is like watching a movie and just when you get to the climax you were waiting for, there is power cut. Guess what, there is no guarantee that you’ll ever get to see it again.

This isn’t the first time that a dream of mine has haunted me. Many of my dreams have done so. When it comes to relationships, well there is the dream girl in the first part of the Whale of a Tale series.  Maybe my habitual repressive behaviour forces my subconscious to come up with mindless disasters that only belong on a sitcom. However I could not help be intrigued. This mystery bride was someone I wanted to see. Maybe I wanted to know if my dream would be able to help me decide about the Ukrainian connections. 😛

In both times that I’ve had this dream, what starts off as a day full of happiness and joy, quickly turns into a an annoying mess in which I wonder if I am ever going to make it to the alter on time. I know it is the bride who is allowed to be fashionably late, but I don’t know what will be said if it is the groom.

I can’t clearly say if my actual wedding day will be anything like the disaster that is my mind’s version; probably won’t. But I can tell you this, knowing me and my family, probably will be a day to remember.

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