Life in Dubai

March Showers

Into each life some rain must fall – Ella Fitzgerald.

Dubai. Home to the Burj Khalifa – a glamourous edifice. Land of sun, sand and sea. Yet, what do you think greeted us this nice Wednesday morning.


The capital of the U. A. E. – Abu Dhabi had it even worse as the video below would show you..

So, not the land of sun, sand and sea as we all imagine is it. Truth be told, it isn’t the first time that this country has experienced weather like this. What is shocking is that with all it resources, it hasn’t learned from the previous experiences. Some areas were flooded and completely caught off guard.

Reading the news today, we realise how bad the situation was.

Weather Chaos in the UAE

253 Accidents after Weather Chaos in Dubai

Flights delayed and Airports Shut

To be fair. I don’t think that anyone was really expecting such a storm in Dubai or the U. A. E, for that matter. Such weather is a rare occurrence. However, its an occurrence that seems to be becoming more frequent in recent years. So it seems rather pointless that we ignore it as it would appear that this wasn’t the first; it is most certainly not going to be last.

Growing up in Dubai, over the past 3 decades, when it comes to the weather, there only a few note-worthy occasions involving the weather. There were a couple of hail storms, and some massive showers. Last year, during this time, we had showers and sand storms; one after the other.

I guess you could say that while we expected showers and stuff during the month of November to Jan (mid Feb), it seems that we are getting it more later. More towards the March and April.

Some would say that this is all due to the effects of climate change / global warming, etc. Well, I’m not a scientist, but I can tell you that in my observations, the weather is quite less colder than what it usually was during the cold season and the summer has reached new heights.
However the last summer didn’t get quite as hot as I was expecting it to. The weather seems to be getting more tropical in nature. We don’t have monsoons yet, but I have this feeling that we can expect something of the sort in the years to come.

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