Life in Dubai

Don’t worry, I won’t speed ;)

Screen-Shot-2016-03-07-at-1.44.00-PMThe famous last words of the late Cody Nixon, just when he took delivery of a rented supercar.

Speeding boxer’s last post

Dubai… “Las Vegas” & “Riviera” of the middle east. The glamourous tax free haven of rich and famous. Home to the superlatives – tallest building, biggest malls, etc. Tourists and the like come here to bask in sun and party when the it goes down. The residents of this land however know one thing. This is the world capital for speed.

The world wide coverage of Cody Nixon’s accident was probably due to the fact that he wasn’t the only known person in the car. Victoria McGrath, a survivor of one tragedy in Boston; only to become a victim of another.

We would like to believe that this accident was something of a one in a million chance, but the truth is probably far from that. I’m not wrong in saying that this is the place where the wealthy comes to flaunt. Some times, they do tend to go over board.
I have no doubt in believing that the whole reason for speeding was probably due to a challenge to race. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a local that challenged him.

I’m not just talking about hiring supercars and speeding. I’m talking about wild parties, etc…. Oh yes… Those things do happen here too.

When it comes to stuff like this, you cannot blame it completely on the wealthy outsiders looking for a good time. I would have to believe that it is part of the image that the local arabs and expats over here seem to portray. They portray a world, where mammon is law. If you have the money, you can get anything done.

Sometimes its the tourists who are in danger from the local arabs. A couple of years ago, there was the incident where an elderly couple were run over by a local. What was the guy’s statement in court? – “I just wanted to scare them.”
Then comes the story of the 19 year old who met a couple of Emirati guys in a club; who invited her over to a private house party. The local guys picked her up from her hotel. She was found in a garbage bin the next day – still alive. Tests showed she was drugged and raped. When the guys were arrested, their excuse was, “She got so drunk that she started taking off her clothes. So we threw her out.” There you go. Perfect example of the arabs being good hosts and proper gentlemen.

I have many lovely ladies on my Facebook. I have mentioned this before. One thing that I always advise is that if you are coming here to Dubai, please do let me know.
Ladies please listen to me. If an Emirati invites you to a private party, I don’t care who he is, DO NOT GO. It is not safe.
If you have to, please take someone you trust with you. I would feel much happier to accompany you to whatever event or party or even be your chauffeur to and fro.. I would be glad to be your guide as well; just to make sure that I don’t have to read about you in the paper the next day.

I’m not suggesting that all Emirati guys over here are like that. This isn’t about racial discrimination. The resident expats do pretty outlandish things as well. However, if something has to go to court, unless there is irrefutable evidence, the rulings will always favour the Emirati involved.

To all the wealthy tourists that come here. Please take care what you do. Cody is an example. The locals will sometimes encourage you to go wild and tell you its OK… But when things go sour, trust me on this, you will not have a friend in the world.


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