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You know of Linus Torvalds, Bill Gates and more notably, Steve Jobs. However, if I mentioned the name “Ray Tomlinson”,  I guessing that most of you will go, “Who?!”. Of course you would. Don’t deny it. Truthfully, I would have done the same. How would you know that he invented something that you use every single day..? – Email.

Yes. Email. That grinning Santa Claus of a man there is the guy who invented email; the very first person to send messages across networks using the ‘@’ symbol. So what? Well you use email every single day. Its there and you don’t think about it. One of the first main reasons and uses for the internet, was to be able to send messages and letters to each other without having to rely on ‘Snail-mail’.

Today, your email address is something of an identity. It is an account on a multiple of servers. Google+, Facebook, cloud systems; all use your email address as a identity or login mark.

Well, today we say our Good Byes to him. Email inventor Ray Tomlinson dies at 74

To be honest, I never thought about who invented email or the internet before this.
Thank you Ray for your contribution into the betterment of our lives and bridging the gap. Because of you, it’s truly a small world after all. Thanks to you, I can now talk to a beautiful girl in Ukraine, my cousin in Australia, my relatives in Sri Lanka, friends in the United States, etc. Thanks to you we now have a way to communicate instantly with people all around the world.

Reading the article above, I began to imagine that there are probably many people in this world that we take for granted. We use their inventions without even thinking that someone actually came up with an idea and then turned it into reality.

Have you ever heard of Eric S. Raymond?
No..? Well then, watch this….

Are you impressed?

I think that while we remember visionaries like Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates. While we idolize people like Linus Torvalds; we should also take a moment from time to time, to remember the other people that contributed to the technological breakthroughs that made our lives better.

Dear unsung heroes of the technological world. We may not know your names, but we salute you.

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  1. I am familiar with Mr Tomlinson! He hosted the first webinar I would ever attend (and maybe the first one ever?!) on ARPANET and TCP/IP. Thanks for taking the time to recognize a great g33k among the people!

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