Why Working Toward Your Goals Makes You Happier Than Actually Reaching Them

Have you ever wondered why is it when you finally get what you’ve always wanted and you’re actually there, the moment falls short of the expectations you’ve had…?
If you think back, you’ll notice that the most important moments and fascinating stories are told about the journey rather than its destination point.
Many times, life puts those moments in our lives where we finally realise that what is our goal or vision, isn’t what we truly want. Quite often the case is that you’ve outgrown the goal as an individual and you need to aim for something higher; with a more sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Vincent Carlos

Kelly Newsome went to law school at the University of Virginia.

She was a straight-A student, with big career goals and graduated at the top of her class.

After graduation, Kelly went on to a high-paying job as a lawyer, which had been her dream for six years.

But soon, Kelly discovered that checking company filings day in and out wasn’t what she had hoped for back in law school.

Eventually, the high of scoring her dream job wore off, and the reality of just being a highly paid paper-pusher set in.

Kelly wanted out and chose to quit her $240,000-a-year corporate job to pursue something more meaningful and true to herself.

In the book, “The Happiness Hypothesis,” Jonathan Haidt, a psychology professor at NYU, talks about The Progress Principle.

Haidt says,

The pleasure of getting what you want is often fleeting.

You work hard in college, dreaming about how happy you’d be if you could…

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