Girl Trouble

52 Blue & Me

tumblr_nbnh8mDFLl1rkd2xuo1_1280A local radio station has a game that they play during the day. It’s called ‘Headline’. The DJ will talk announce a headline from a random newspaper or online article, and give you the gist of the whole article. The listeners are then just supposed to come up with a song suggestion that fits the and the article. The most unusual one would be played on the air.

A couple of days ago, while on my drive home from work, they aired the game and story that they read from the paper or news website was quite interesting  to me. The headline was: “The World’s Loneliest Whale”. Reading the article you could sense female DJ & listeners were giving that sympathetic “aww”….

So what’s the story? Well since the mid 1980s, sonar has been receiving calls from a whale. The interesting is that this call is at a particular frequency (52 hertz) that is not used by any other whale and is out of the frequency range of most other whales anyway. To make it more interesting is that this sound is only sent out by one single individual whale and seems to be getting no reply from any other.
Even more baffling is that this whale is like the long lost “BigFoot” or “Lochness” monster, no one has ever seen it. Whilst with those creatures you have the strange photos and videos, with 52 (as he is now known), you just have the sound recordings. Recording of 52

blue-whale-nicklen-xlEven more interesting is that after hearing this story, I was reading online and found one recording under the Blue Whale’s wikipedia page that sounds exactly the same. Blue Whale
So is 52 a Blue Whale? Can’t really say. But scientists know is that he is out there. According to the Wikipedia page, there are those who believe that the poor guy is deformed or maybe even deaf. However I would highly doubt that a anything deformed would be able to survive so long without being in a group.
There are numerous articles on it – The Legend of the Loneliest Whale in the world
I find it hard to believe that scientists following an animal for over 2 decades, cannot seem to locate it. “Why do we seek to conquer space when seven-tenths of our universe remains to be explored? The world beneath the sea.” – Karl Stromberg (The Spy Who Loved Me). Pardon the James Bond movie quote but it seemed appropriate.
However there is a group of people who have made an expedition and according to their page, they have made a successful and exciting expedition. The Daily Mail, had a great article about it. – Search for the world’s ‘loneliest whale’… Back from their journey they haven’t revealed whether they have found 52 or not, but say that you’ll have to wait and see when a documentary is released later. I for one would be glad to see it.

Whatever the reason for the creature being alone, on hearing the story, I felt a kindred spirit with it. Being Valentine’s Day is soon upon us, I thought it properly apt, looking at my own life. This guy is struggling to find a mate and here I am pretty much in the same boat. Is my voice not heard by anyone except sympathetic listeners?

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